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© DIAMOND SA / 03-01 / 1 F-3000™ Connector Family.

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1 © DIAMOND SA / 03-01 / 1 F-3000™ Connector Family

2 © DIAMOND SA / 03-01 / 2 The following questions must be answered:  What advantages does the F-3000 fiber optic connector grant?  What are future market requirements?  What are the main parameters of the F-3000 connector? The answers are as follows:  Includes all the technical (mechanical & optical) advantages of the E-2000 , the F-3000™ offers the same high quality transmission in a reduced size (SFF).  Market requirements are always growing, an up-to-date connector must be suitable for long distance transmissions as well as for fiber-to-the-X applications (access domain).  Packing density and modularity to cover all interconnection tasks using the same high performance basic components. What is the F-3000™ fiber optic connector system?

3 © DIAMOND SA / 03-01 / 3 F-3000™ SFF (Small Form Factor) A complete connector family The F-3000™ connector family is suitable for Simplex, Duplex as well as for Backplane applications, thanks to the high-tech modular design of their components. Using the same basic parts to offer reliable optical and mechanical performances in PC and APC versions.

4 © DIAMOND SA / 03-01 / 4 DIAMOND F-3000™ Fiber optic connectors Features & Benefits Integrated protective metal cap  Protection against eye-damaging laser radiations  Strong reduction of dust and scratches of ferrule front-faces Positive latching mechanism  Superior retention under axial load  Resistant construction Diamond’s two component ferrule NEW Ø1.25mm Active Core Alignment to ensure fiber core eccentricities <0.2 mm benefit High-tech modular designed components  Enables fiber- as well as cable termination (up to Ø 3mm)  High packing density (port spacing similar to RJ45 design) benefit

5 © DIAMOND SA / 03-01 / 5 The F-3000™ connector from DIAMOND is fully compatible with the LC standard and additionally offers:  integrated spring loaded protective cap  sturdy designed metal thumb-latch with additional plastic button for better handling  Diamond’s two component ferrule of Ø1.25 mm, which enables Active Core Alignment LC by LUCENT F – 3000™ by DIAMOND Worldwide compatibility

6 © DIAMOND SA / 03-01 / 6 DIAMOND F-3000™ Fiber optic connectors Simple, modular construction Multi-component connector housing with integrated, spring loaded protection metal cap and reliable latching mechanism “Alberino” F-3000™ with the new Diamond ferrule Ø1.25 mm Universal crimping sleeve, independent from cable diameter Universal bend protective cable-boot Plastic button improving ergonomics

7 © DIAMOND SA / 03-01 / 7 F-3000™ Fiber optic connector Dimensions (simplex)

8 © DIAMOND SA / 03-01 / 8 Duplex button Bridge clip for duplex assembly F-3000™ Connector Dimensions (duplex)

9 © DIAMOND SA / 03-01 / 9 High Quality Finishing Top class optical performance  Up to 0.1 dB Insertion Loss (IL) for “Low IL” version  Up to 85 dB Return Loss (RL)  Long distance  transmission  Higher transmission efficiency  High mating  repeatability

10 © DIAMOND SA / 03-01 / 10 Diamond’s computer assisted centering process Active Core Alignment  Computer assisted core alignment  Extremely reduced core eccentricity (< 0.2 mm)  High precision tilt- angle measurement Guarantee of higher mating repeatability Permanent optical performances

11 © DIAMOND SA / 03-01 / 11 Diamond technology for higher repeatability Surface polishing  Convex PC as well as APC polishing of the ferrule front- face, guaranteeing fiber contact and reduction of the reflection  Repeatable polishing thanks to the well known reduced hardness of the DIAMOND’s ferrule insert  High performance connector mating

12 © DIAMOND SA / 03-01 / 12 DIAMOND F-3000™ Fiber optic connector A complete range F-3000™ single SFF connector, ensuring high quality performance, maintaining channel independence and flexibility. Connectors “Simplex” : Designation: F3000™ Simplex SM/PC F3000™ Simplex MM/PC F3000™ Simplex SM/APC

13 © DIAMOND SA / 03-01 / 13 Connectors “Duplex” : Designation: F-3000™ Duplex SM/PC F-3000™ Duplex MM/PC F-3000™ Duplex SM/APC DIAMOND F-3000™ Fiber optic connector A complete range F-3000™ Duplex connector, enabling a variety of applications in reduced spaces, combining all the F-3000™ features for duplex integration.

14 © DIAMOND SA / 03-01 / 14 DIAMOND F-3000™ Fiber optic connector A complete range Connectors “Backplane” : Designation: F-3000™ Backplane SM/PC F-3000™ Backplane MM/PC F-3000™ Backplane SM/APC F-3000™ Backplane connector system, taking advantage of the F-3000 connector and an optimized guiding mechanism for secure backplane connection without mechanical stress on the PC board.

15 © DIAMOND SA / 03-01 / 15 DIAMOND F-3000™ Mating Adapters Deepening the E-2000™ experience The F-3000™ mating adapter is suitable for different applications, thanks to its flexibility, permitting the usage of a variety of metal mounting brackets (clips) over the same plastic body. Using the same basic parts in order to offer repeatable performances for PC and APC connectors.

16 © DIAMOND SA / 03-01 / 16 Spring loaded metal shutter  Protects personnel from eye- damaging laser radiation  Angled, anti-reflection surface, ensuring low RL in unmated state Compact, modular construction  High product flexibility  reduced number of basic components benefit Interchangeable mounting brackets  Allow ideal fixation depending on the application  On place assembly of the necessary components benefit DIAMOND F-3000™ Mating Adapters Features & Benefits

17 © DIAMOND SA / 03-01 / 17 F-3000™ Mating Adapter Dimensions

18 © DIAMOND SA / 03-01 / 18 F-3000™ Mating Adapter Cross section High precision mating sleeve  1.25mm Eye protecting metal shutter

19 © DIAMOND SA / 03-01 / 19 F-3000™ Mating Adapter Guidance of the connector Guidance on the two buttons of the dust protection cap in the first phase Guidance on the bottom Guidance on the whole body in the sleeve prior to the insertion of the ferrule

20 © DIAMOND SA / 03-01 / 20  Full compatibility with LC connectors  Reduced number of components  Simplified assembly F-3000™ Mating Adapter Construction Metal shutter with integrated spring function

21 © DIAMOND SA / 03-01 / 21 F-3000™ Mating Adapter Compatibility Compatibility of our mating adapter with LC connectors without integrated dust cap

22 © DIAMOND SA / 03-01 / 22 F-3000™ Connector system Applications The F-3000 connector by DIAMOND is a very versatile connector, which can be used in many different applications:  Telecommunication Networks,  CATVthanks to its high optical performances  Data Processing Networks  Local Area Networks, thanks to its reduced dimensions and  Fiber-to-the-X its protection characteristics (including FTTC, FTTH and FTTD)

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