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Martin Hirst & Greg Treadwell School of Communication Studies, AUT University.

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2 Martin Hirst & Greg Treadwell School of Communication Studies, AUT University

3 Greenberg & Weber, 2008

4 Introduced at AUT in 1997, in response to the migration of news to the net Journalism Technology Workshop first new media course taught at a New Zealand university in 2000 became NMJ from 2000—2008 underwent several metamorphoses as the use of the Internet by news organisations developed students a mix of journalism majors and those taking journalism as a minor reasonably wide gap in skill sets.

5 Retains html-based web page assignment Greater variety in news assignments, including emphasis on video Retains theory-essay component Future Curriculum Maintain theory-practice linkages Perhaps move away from html to php (drupal, etc) Greater emphasis on multimedia and non-linear story-telling Introduce social media tools in a systematic way

6 Certificate (L4)54 National Diploma (L6)95 Degree (L7)80 Graduate Diploma (L7)40 Post Grad Diploma (L8-9)30

7 Older than 27 Male19.3%32.3% 16.1% Female23%50%13.5% ©

8 Ethnically diverse Well educated Self-aware & Optimistic Smart about technology Embracing mobile media Like using technology Results more important than facts Enjoy multi-tasking Demand immediacy and gratification Oblinger, 2003

9 they understand “intuitively” how to tailor messages to particular audiences they value “truth and accuracy” and have the “ability to recognise both” they may nod at our wise pronouncements from the front of the lecture hall, but they will also know that our words are (for the most part) “historical artifacts of a pre-Web culture, leftovers from how things used to be” (Dianne Lynch, 2007, pp )

10 MaleFemale One22.6% (7)16.2% (12) Two29% (9)41.9% (31) Three6.5% (2)31.1% (23) Four +12.9% (4)10.8% (8) DailyNumber Once12.4% (13) Twice18.1% (19) Three37.1% (39) Hourly21% (22) More11.4% (12) One for personal use, one for "junk" ie facebook notifications that would clog up my normal , one for work and one for school. (Respondent 56 /M 17-19yo)

11 MalesFemales 83.9%98.6% AccountMalesFemales Flickr6.5%17.6% Bebo25.8%25.7% MySpace19.4%18.9% YouTube48.4%32.4% Google Wave3.2% (1)6.8% (5) Bookmarking19.4%16.2% Other9.7%4.1%

12 ActivityMaleFemale Friends38.3% (23)35.6% (69) Social activity 28.3% (17)26.8% (52) Story contacts 20% (12)19.1% (37) Meeting randoms 1.7% (1)3.6% (7) News11.7% (7)14.9 (29) DailyMaleFemale <1 hour46.2% (12)31.5% (23) 1—2 hours46.2% (12)47.9% (35) 2—4 hours7.7% (2)11% (8) 4—6 hours 06.8% (5) > 6 hours02.7% (2)

13 ActivityMalesFemales Friends014.3% (4) Meeting randoms 014.3% (4) Contacts010.7% (3) News100% (3)60.7% (17) MalesFemales < 1 hour76.9% (10)69.2% (18) 1—2 hours23.1% (3)23.1% (6) Facebook and Youtube are the only ones that I frequent daily. (Respondent 19: M/23-26yo)

14 How longMalesFemales Less than 1 year 72.8%67.8% More than 1 year 18.2% (2)22.6% (7) More than 2 years 9.1% (1)9.7% (3) More than 3 years of 34 males had Twitter accounts (41.9%) 35 out of 71 females have Twitter accounts (47.3%) …signed up to Twitter because I thought I should be up to date…but have only used it once in six months I primarily use Twitter as a news source…but I don’t do tweets myself Simply to follow others, I don’t update my account I have, Twitter and Flickr accounts because they were course requirements

15 MaleFemale YES48.3% (14)40.3 (25) NO51.7% (15)59.7% (37) Do you blog? MaleFemale YES10.7% (3)13.3% (8) NO89.3% (25)86.7% (52)

16 YESNO Multiple identities ✔ Tailoring messages ✔ Information junkies ✔✔ Multi-taskers ✔ Learning new apps ✔✔ Produsers ✔ Our digital natives are good social networkers They are mostly able to manage multiple identities Their commitment to social media is fickle They consume at a high rate, but do not produce much (if any) news-like content outside course-work




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