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Simulation in Anaesthesia at the Royal Adelaide Hospital

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1 Simulation in Anaesthesia at the Royal Adelaide Hospital
Dr Graham Lowry FANZCA

2 The Royal Adelaide Hospital
Adult Tertiary Teaching Hospital Affiliated with the University of Adelaide 680 beds 23 operating theatres 24 ICU / 10 HDU/ICU beds Major trauma referral centre for Sth Australia Receives 800 retrievals/year

3 Department of Anaesthesia
Branch of Critical Care Anaesthesia/Pain/Hyperbaric medicine 52 FTE Consultants 32 Registrars

4 Simulation Unit Operational since 2003 Teaching/education role Interns
Registrars/trainees Consultant anaesthetists Technical and non-technical skills Relatively low budget

5 Specialty of Anaesthesia
Five years of postgraduate training Major focus of training on developing technical skills Conflict of decreased working hours versus need for clinical experience Aging population More complex surgery Increased emphasis from ANZCA for training in non- technical skills.

6 Why Consultant Anaesthetists?
Historically, a lack of training in this area Often seen as leaders during a crisis in theatre BUT: No leadership training Often poor followers Crisis Resource Management training is not mandatory

7 The Scenarios Clearly defined goals important
Simple clinical scenarios Diagnostic uncertainty useful for teaching human factors Team dynamics create complexity Level of fidelity always a challenge Self reflection and evaluation important learning component

8 Challenges……1 Changing the culture Stressful for for participants
facilitators Labour intensive maintaining service commitment versus patient safety and quality of care.

9 Challenges……2 Availability of relevant, validated outcome measures.
Adequate funding and resource allocation Managing participants’ expectations and comfort levels

10 Advantages ……1 Allows training/experience in rare (but catastrophic) events Breaks down the “silos” Work as a team, train as a team even if the “team” is constantly changing

11 Advantages ……2 Training/practicing in context
Issues of access to facilities Moving beyond the operating theatre…

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