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St Vincent De Paul By Max Roker.

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1 St Vincent De Paul By Max Roker

2 What were his 2 miracles? St. Vincent de Paul has not done any miracles. He is remembered for his kindness and charity working among the poor, unemployed and sick. Vincent worked always for the poor, the slaved, the abandoned, the ignored and the outcasts.

3 Why was he canonized? St Vincent de Paul was canonized because of his many charity works. He made many charity organisations such as Congregation of the Daughters of Charity, and the Congregation of Priests of the Mission.

4 History Saint Vincent de Paul was born on 24 April 1580 in Pouy, Landes, Gascony, France. He was ordained as a priest in 1600, but captured and sold into slavery by Turkish pirates before he could take up his first parish position.

5 Fast Facts D.O.B:24/4/1580 D.O.D:27/9/1660 Name: Vincent De Paul Parents: Jean De Paul & Bertrande De Moras

6 Bibliography m/Q/
What_kind_of_miracles_did_Vincent_de_Paul_dohy _was_Saint_Vincent_De_Paul_canonised Saint_Vincent_de_Paul

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