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Terra Australis By Brydie D

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1 Terra Australis By Brydie D

2 Contents First Australians Aboriginal Culture
The Origin of water [ 2 slides] 18th Century England The First Fleet [2 slides] Bound for Botany Bay [2 slides]

3 First Australians The first Australians were aboriginals. They had black skin. The aboriginals lived in the bush. They killed animals for food and used sticks, stones and possum fur as well. They caught animals , food and other things with their tools like spares, stones and Boomerangs.

4 Aboriginal Culture The kangaroos were having a drink. The men saw the kangaroos and started throwing spears at them. The men caught the kangaroos and had them for tea.

5 The origin of water Prediction : One day a tree fell down and made a hole then an aboriginal dug and dug so deep that water came spurting out. Summarise One day there was no water and the animals were thirsty. They had to drink from Gulbirra and dew from the leaves. Bangarra had water and didn’t share. The animals had a plan to get some of the water. So Gudjilla followed him. Bangarra saw him. So Jiggirrjiggirr spied on him also but he got seen too. Gula wanted to do it to, but the animals didn’t let him and they laughed. Gula tried and he didn’t get seen. Gula followed Bangarra to the water. The animals were so happy. The king fisher made drains, creeks and rivers. That’s how the water came and we still have it today. Feelings the animals felt left out that they didn’t have any water. Bangarra was selfish and kept it to him self. Questions is the story true or not? How many characters in the story? Moral small things can make a big difference.

6 The origin of water

7 18th Century England In 18th century England the jails weren’t very nice. There parents died because of deases and other sickness. They didn’t have very warm clothes. There was to many people in the jail that some got sent to Australia. The people in the jail didn’t get food, clothes and other things too. In the orphanage they didn’t get hardly any food.

8 The First Fleet My name is Martha Baker I am 25 years of age. I was born on 30/01/1786 I did a highway robbery. The thing I stole was worth 42 shillings. My punishment was to sail to Australia. I went on a boat called Lady Penrhyn.

9 Voyage of the First Fleet
Portsmouth England 13th of may 1787 Tenferife in the canary islands 3rd of June Botany bay 18th of January 1788 Rio de Janeiro 7th of august 1787 Adventure bay, van Diemen’s land now Tasmania 1st of January 1788 Table bay now known as cape town

10 Botany Bay Who is singing this song? The convicts that were on the ship to Australia. Why are they singing it? The convicts were board or to make friends. Why are they saying ‘farewell to Old England forever?’ The convicts maybe thought they would be staying in Botany Bay forever. Where were they going? Why? The convicts on the ship were going to Australia because did a crime.

11 Botany Bay

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