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Transitioning from Year 11 to Year 12.  Your child’s pathway(s)/interests.  Your child’s goals.  Your child’s strengths/weaknesses.  Your child’s.

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Presentation on theme: "Transitioning from Year 11 to Year 12.  Your child’s pathway(s)/interests.  Your child’s goals.  Your child’s strengths/weaknesses.  Your child’s."— Presentation transcript:

1 Transitioning from Year 11 to Year 12

2  Your child’s pathway(s)/interests.  Your child’s goals.  Your child’s strengths/weaknesses.  Your child’s motivations/aspirations What needs to be considered?

3  Whose future is it?  As parents we have to be careful to:  not live our children’s lives for them  not project our own preferences/desires upon our kids  let our children learn from their own experiences  be realistic about our children’s strengths and weaknesses  remember that our motivations may differ from our children Why underline child?

4  1/ Past experience in course selection  Inappropriate subject choice.  Unrealistic expectations.  Underperforming, unhappy students. Why the pop psychology?

5  2/ Educational and psychological research  e.g. Hattie’s results regarding the educational impact of the “overly zealous” parent. Why the pop psychology?

6  Supportive/nurturing home environment.  Encouragement rather than nagging.  An understanding of your child’s journey in Year 12.  A quiet dedicated space for study where possible.  The need for realism and honest conversations about pathways, aspirations, motivation and work ethic.  Knowledge of the trials and tribulations of Year 12.  Assistance with time management. But I want the best for my child

7  It comes back to three fundamentals:  1/ What do I need (for my pathway)?  2/ What am I good at?  3/ What do I like? Relevance to course selection?

8  Depends on pathway.  Is your student planning to:  a/ go to a tertiary institution?  b/ go to university or to TAFE?  c/ enter the workforce  d/ still unsure? In all cases it is important for students to achieve to their potential in order to maximise their choices. 1/ What do I need?

9  High, but realistic aspirations.  Disciplined thoughts.  Disciplined actions.  Disciplined people. What do I need?

10  Categories of students:  1. VCE certificate student  2. VCAL certificate student  3. “Hybrid” student What do I need?

11  To achieve the VCE must have: Completed 16 VCE units. and: VCE CERTIFICATE STUDENT

12  English requirements:  Three units from the English group (English, Literature, Foundation English 1 and 2).  At least one of these must be at Unit 3 or 4 level.  N.B. No Foundation English 3 or 4! VCE CERTIFICATE STUDENT

13  English for University Pathways  Need to have both units 3 and 4 English or Literature sequence to get a study score and an ATAR (discussed later).  English and Lit. will count towards ATAR  English/Literature the most common prerequisite for University courses VCE CERTIFICATE STUDENT

14  Other requirements: At least three other unit 3, unit 4 sequences. e.g. Biology 3/4, History 3/4, Legal 3/4 VCE CERTIFICATE STUDENT

15  The five block model introduced this year.  No “study” periods.  More time for each subject.  More time in front of teacher.  Less flexibility in course selection. Implications of the five block model

16  Most students will “roll over” the five subjects they are currently studying into 3/4 units next year. Implications of the five block model

17  Exceptions to this may include:  1/ Students already undertaking unit 3/4 VET/VCE subject sequences.  2/ Students who need to make a change of subject for other reasons. Implications of the five block model

18  Why do we ask students to do five subjects when in year 12?  1/ A safety net against failed units.  2/ Implications for the ATAR. Implications of the five block model

19  TSC encourages VCE students to choose five subjects when in year 12.  10 % of fifth and sixth study scores count toward ATAR.  Increased diversity of course/meet more prerequisites.  Can repeat a 3/4 unit with no penalty. I’ve already done a 3/4 unit at year 11

20  Can I pick up a unit 3/4 subject that I have not previously done at year 11?  What if the subjects I wish to choose clash on the blocking sheet? Choosing the five year 12 subjects

21  It depends!  Two new subjects offered at 3/4 level: Media Studies and Physical Education.  Some other subjects can be attempted at 3/4 level without having completed units 1/2 of the subject without significant disadvantage.  Other 3/4 units require a unit 1/2 background. Can I pick up a new subject in year 12?

22  Students currently enrolled in Foundation English must choose unit 3/4 English or Literature if they wish to obtain a VCE and/or an ATAR score. Can I pick up a new subject in year 12?

23  Students cannot pick up new VET units at 3/4 level and have them count toward the VCE or relevant VET certificate. Can I pick up a new subject in year 12?


25  Possibility of undertaking 3/4 unit by distance education.  Past experience of dist. ed. shows only highly self motivated and well organised students experience success. A clash of units or a subject not offered at TSC.

26  1/ What do I need?  2/ What am I good at?  3/ What do I like? Remember the guiding principles

27  Why?  TAFE or Uni?  Why?  What research have you done to justify a tertiary pathway? Thinking of Tertiary Study?

28  How long is my course?  What will it cost me (or my parents)?  What qualification do I get?  What are the job prospects?  Have you talked to any one who is working in the field you are interested in?  Have you talked to employers? Thinking of Tertiary Study?

29  Successfully obtain the VCE.  Achieve the appropriate ATAR.  Meet the prerequisites for the course. My chosen pathway requires a University degree.

30  Australian Tertiary Admission Rank.  A percentile ranking relative to all other Year 12 students in the state.  e.g. an ATAR of 75 places you in the top 25% of students doing Year 12 VCE.  e.g. an ATAR of 99 places you in the top 1% of all students in the state. What is ATAR?

31  Tertiary Institutions set an ATAR as a “cut off” score to select who can enter their courses. What is it used for?

32  Calculated from aggregate of VCE subject scores.  English or Literature subject score plus:  1/ the next best three permissible subject scores.  2/ 10% of any fifth and/or sixth subject score(s). How is the ATAR calculated?

33  Derived from scaled study scores.  Study scores (0-50) show how you performed in that subject relative to all other students doing that subject What is a subject score?

34  Study scores are scaled to adjust for differences in abilities of students undertaking different studies.  Ensures students neither advantaged or disadvantaged based on subjects they choose. SCALING

35  Absolutely not!  Remember:  What am I good at?  What do I need?  What do I like? Should scaling influence my course selection?

36  Yes, but not all VET subjects make the same contribution.  VET 3/4 sequences with a scored assessment (end of year exam) can be used as one of the primary four studies.  e.g. Equine, Sport and Rec., Engineering Can VET (Vocational Education and Training) subjects contribute to the ATAR?

37  VET subjects with no scored assessment (no end of year exam) can be used as fifth or sixth subjects in the calculation of the ATAR.  Increment counted as 10% of the average of the main four study scores.  E.g. Auto, Building and Construction VET subjects and the ATAR

38 Examples of ATAR calculations




42  Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) has a website that allows you to search for courses and get an idea of what ATAR might be required for these How do I know what ATAR is required for the course I want?


44 Examples of ATAR for various courses

45  Subjects that must be undertaken to get into a particular course at a tertiary institution.  Different institutions may set different prerequisites for similar types of courses.  No prerequisites then no course irrespective of ATAR achieved. Prerequisites

46  Use the VTAC website again.  VICTER 2015 VICTER 2015 How can I find the prerequisites for courses ?





51  Are your child’s ambitions/goals realistic?  Do your child’s efforts/results so far line up with their goals and ambitions?  Set high, but realistic goals. Implications of ATAR and prerequisites

52  Is there another pathway to achieving the same goal?  Nursing at La Trobe Wodonga requires ATAR (how high?), HECS fee (how much?), 3 years full time (qualification?).  Nursing at East Gipps TAFE. Requirements? Prerequisites? Course duration? Qualification? Cost? Alternative Pathways

53  Move to…..  Nursing@ La Trobe (Div 2 Nurses conversion)  Look at type of course, duration, prerequisites, extra requirements  What advantages does this pathway have?  Cost?  What if I don’t like nursing in first year? Alternative Pathways

54  Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning  For students more interested in a apprenticeships or work rather than an academic pathway via university.  Focuses on the development of employability skills. VCAL Pathways

55  VCAL offered at 3 levels:  Foundation  Intermediate  Senior VCAL Pathways

56  Literacy and Numeracy Skills  Industry Specific Skills  Work Related Skills  Personal Development Skills What strands make up the VCAL?

57  Students can meet these requirements by:  1/ undertaking VCAL numeracy and literacy subjects.  or  2/ satisfactorily completing appropriate VCE English and or Maths units. Numeracy and Literacy

58  Requirements of this strand (at intermediate level) are met by:  Undertaking sufficient units of competency from one or more VET units (e.g. Automotive, Hospitality, Engineering) Industry Specific Skills

59  This strand can be met by undertaking : 1/ a structured work placement. 2/ a part time apprenticeship/traineeship. 3/ part time work. 4/ completing appropriate modules from VET subjects and/or VCE Industry and Enterprise. Work Related Skills

60  Can be achieved in a variety of ways e.g.:  Projects.  Community based activities.  Organisation of work placements. Personal Development Skills

61  Yes they can, if the units have been satisfactorily completed.  Speak to your course counsellor to plan how to obtain the remaining requirements of VCAL. Can VCE subjects count towards VCAL?

62  Yes!  Any VET/VCE subjects undertaken will contribute.  Must meet VCE requirements (Eng./Lit. 3/4 + 3 other 3/4 sequences, 16 units total). Can I obtain a VCE and VCAL?

63  Yes it is possible to obtain a VCAL within one year.  Depends on the level.  Speak to your course counsellor. Can I obtain the VCAL in one year?

64  A TAFE recognised qualification.  Further studies at TAFE.  Apprenticeships/traineeships.  Workforce. Options with a VCAL?

65  Certificate I-IV  Diploma  Advanced Diploma Vocational Education and Training at TAFE

66  No minimum set tertiary entrance requirements.  Course and institutional requirements apply. Certificate II and III at TAFE

67  For Year 12 students minimum entrance requirements for general entry include: Satisfactory completion of VCE  OR  Senior VCAL Certificate  OR  Literacy requirements as set out in VET training packages/curricula Certificate IV, Diploma, Advanced Diploma

68  Some students will be expected to undertake work placements in year 12. Work placements

69  Contribution to VCAL (work related skills)  Improved employability/skills.  Improved networks of potential employers.  Better understanding of the occupation: do I actually like this type of work? Why work placements?

70  Can you produce a current resume right now? Where is it stored?  Do you know what is “required information” in an application letter for a job?  Do you have qualifications that make you more suitable to the workplace than others? Working after year 12?

71  What type of work will you be doing? just for the cash? future training opportunities?   Where do I get career advice ?  “I don’t know what I really want to do”  “who can help me find some career pathways?” Work Pathways

72  Resume templates  Job application letter templates  Mrs McKenzie  Workways, ATEL  University Student Services  Family and friends  Job Guide  Internet Work Pathways

73  What other qualifications do you have?  Driver’s Licence  Food Handlers certificate  Level II First Aid  Responsible Service of Alcohol Work Pathways

74  Try your hardest.  Prioritise.  Work/life balance. Don’t burn out. Whatever pathway you’re on

75  If you are a student at TSC in 2014 we expect you to maximise your opportunities by trying your hardest. Expectations 2014

76  If you are a VCE student we expect you to sit the end of year exams and try to achieve the best ATAR you possibly can. VCE Student 2014

77  If you are a VCAL student we expect you try your hardest to maximise your chances of obtaining an apprenticeship/traineeship/job opportunity on completion of, or during, your final year at TSC. VCAL Student

78  TSC is quite willing to suggest, support and facilitate the movement of a student out of the College to other, more appropriate destinations should the student not be prepared to make use of the opportunities provided by Tallangatta Secondary College. Not willing to give it your best shot?

79  VTAC course search:  VICTER 2015:  VCAL: The Hands-on option for year 11 & 12 students.  s/vcalinfobooklet.aspx s/vcalinfobooklet.aspx  VET in the VCE and VCAL.  ecognition.aspx ecognition.aspx Some useful resources

80  Duncan Livingstone : Later Years Coordinator  ph: 026715000  Sue McKenzie: Year 12 Coordinator  ph: 0260715000  Rab Kusmierski: Year 11 Coordinator  ph: 0260715000  Sue Ledsam: Year 10 Coordinator  ph: 0260715000  Joy Campbell: Later Years Administration  ph: 0260715000 Useful Contacts

81 Accessing this presentation from the LMS at home.


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