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NORTH GEELONG WARRIORS NEED YOU!!!! Being a voluntary organisation, North Geelong thrives on the passion of its supporters, but most of all its working.

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1 NORTH GEELONG WARRIORS NEED YOU!!!! Being a voluntary organisation, North Geelong thrives on the passion of its supporters, but most of all its working force; its committee and band of helpers that do the work. North Geelong Soccer Club has no hope of continuing without new hands, new ideas and new passion each and every year. Without YOU North Geelong has no future... IT’S IN YOUR HANDS NOW!

2 Since the Annual General Meeting, it has been duly noted that there is a lack of structure in the job allocation area of our organisation. For this we have designed a structure but the club needs its members to support it, to keep this club functioning. We have allocated co-ordinators to organise teams, but those teams currently have little to no numbers in them, this where YOU come in. Have a look at the roles following and the work required and call the co-ordinator to register yourself as a person we can call on when needed. A little time offered by each of the 275 plus members will make sure it is an enjoyable time for all with a lighter load for all.

3 Job descriptions and Role co- ordinating Tom Trupkovic 0422 897 484, Branko Matijevic 0411 080 765 and Vlado Dzajkic 0408 539 497 WHAT THIS ROLE ENTAILS: Develop job role portfolio/documents Produce documents that list and specify what the job/role entails Assist committee with identifying job/roles/duties that members could assist with / take responsibility for so that the burden of running the club is less for committee members. Promote ‘coordinating’ a role/duty to club members throughout the year and engage / encourage people to become involved with the running of their club. Revise/edit job descriptions- liaise with existing coordinators and make suggested changes to job/roles. Meet regularly with coordinators and committee to ensure areas of concern are addressed and improvements made Contact point for people looking to join the volunteer crews and explain and advise on what work is needed to be done.

4 Kitchen Co-ordinator – 0412 885 070, Pick Up Assistant – Elfi Zadkovic – 0400 054 531 1 more assistant and numerous team members required Prepare kitchen roster for match days. Junior sessions arranged by junior committee and parents to work through roster as guided by them. Match Days – Minimum 2 cooks, 3 serving at window Cooking staff are required to arrive 1hour 30 min before reserves match. Check food stock prior to any weekend or function and order as needed. Contact club treasurer for any cash required to pick up goods. Typical home match: - Cevape 30 trays, 10kgs Raznici and 30 Kranjske per game from Siketa butchers Hughes St, Bell Park (on account) 250 long bread rolls from Weisers Bakery Hughes St Bell Park (cash required from club treasurer to pay for it) 5kgs finely shredded Cabbage, 5kgs sliced Red Capsicum, 2kgs sliced onions from Nardi Produce – Thompson Rd Nth Geelong (on account) 8 bags of frozen chips, 300 serviettes, 300 chip cup, 50 coffee cups. Frozen Goods (chips, nuggets, etc..) Serviettes, Plastic Plates, chip cups, coffee cups, stirrers, coffee, sugar, tea, long life milk etc from Campbells – South Geelong (on account) Fill in food log book of food delivered and where it’s from and temperatures. Prior to kitchen use, oil in deep fryer must be fresh (usually changed after every 2 nd home game) Food warmer must be filled with clean water Kitchen staff leave kitchen in clean order inc wipe down of all surfaces, any washing up to be completed, clean hotplate and dispense of any residual oil in catch tray. Empty kitchens rubbish bins into wheelie bins. Gas valves must be turned off after use of kitchen Store leftover fresh food appropriately in fridge or freezer.

5 Co-Ordinator - Branko Matijevic - 0411 080 765 Numerous team members required Club Rooms Cleaning Schedule & Resources Documents and General Store Once every quater One person Hall, Kitchen and Bar After each game and function 4 teams of 4 people Toilets and Sanitary Bins scheduled already BBQ room After each function 2 teams of 2 people Change roomsAfter each game Players, Coaches and Managers

6 Bar Manager Roles & Responsibilities Rob Berginc and Mick Milinkovic WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE: Stocktake Ordering & co-ordinating deliveries Keep track of sales. Co-ordinating with Bar staff coordinator & committee for functions. Giving updates to committee when and where needed Ensures bar is kept clean and ready for up coming function- report / check with cleaning coordinator. Reports any maintenance issues / suggested improvements to maintenance coordinator. Recruit people to support role.

7 Bar and Matchday Gate Roster Co-Ordinator Numerous team members required Ante Didulica & Ivan Deak WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE: Compile and Update roster periodically Co-ordinate staff requirements with Bar Mgr & committee. Ensure staff understand their roles & responsibilities. Recruit people to support role. Check availability before match day to confirm (call or text or internet) Determine start / finish hours Ensure staff/volunteers understand their roles & responsibilities. Collect float from committee on the day. Issues and records entry tickets (numbered) and gate takings Hand over of ‘money bag’ to committee member with paperwork (entry ticket sales /numbers) and gate takings.

8 Maintenance Team Co-ordinator: Tom Pausak – 0412 869 121 Team members: Steven Knezevic, Fabian Bogovic, Dylan Mitrov, Marko Saric. WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE: General maintenance of clubrooms and facilities Coordinate working bees with ground staff (approx. 3 per year) Up keep of tools and equipment at club 12 month specific goals- general maintenance, mesh fence around training ground, crush rock around drive ways and carparks, re vamp change rooms 3-5 year goals – play ground, new multi sex changerooms. Recruit people to support role.

9 Functions Manger Marijana Banovac – 0433 372 214 Assistant – Adrianna Zdelar WHAT THE ROLE ENTAILS: Miss North Geelong pageant (including: organising raffle prizes, activities for the girls, questionnaires, interviews, judges, decorations, band, entry, food, books, flyers, programme, MCs, gifts, photo shoot, present from club, formalities on the night, fundraising, seating allocation, rehearsal dinner and criteria) Contact point for bookings Season Launch Season Close Boxing Day Assemble a sub-committee to organise any extra parties or functions to raise money for the club (i.e. after Friday night game party or youth dances?) Valentine’s Day zabava Be the liason for the club with regards to any functions or booking queries Maintain a club calender Ensure promotion of the club’s events Fundraising functions

10 Advertising and Sponsorship Coordinator 1 person required WHAT THIS ROLE ENTAILS: Continue existing relationships with sponsors and advertisers Develop new relationships Host visitors to the club and create a positive relationship Work with committee to identify areas of funding needs Develop grants and work on government relationships Promote the club to existing member base as well as new areas.

11 NGWSC Merchandise coordinator Filip Juric – 0414 301 646 and David Deak 0401 176 591 WHAT THIS ROLE ENTAILS: develop NGSC merchandise products promote selling of merchandise during game day

12 NGSC Web Manager Ivan Dugandzic WHAT THIS ROLE ENTAILS: Develop and keep up to date NGSC web page Distribute regular emails for club

13 Football Manager and Ground Co- Ordinator Ivan Perse – 0409 967 010 - Requires two more for support roles. WHAT THIS ROLE ENTAILS: co-ordinate player negotiations, registrations (Seniors, Under 21s, Womens and Under 18s), equipment, ground marshalls and ground usage throughout the season. Also in charge of the delegation of team managers for the season, arrangement of team sheets, playing strips (cleaning), maintaining equipment and opening/ closing for training sessions. Ground Usage – All teams are encouraged to train and play pre season games away from the club until start of Feb to keep the ground at its best. All pre season training and season training times to be emailed to Coaches/managers must provide 2 weeks notice minimum for requests/ Training – Ground 2 and 3 (when finished) must be used at all times for training, if a late change is required for any reason then the Football Manager / Ground Co-Ordinator must be contacted for approaval. SSF training ONLY can use Ground 1 on Friday nights. Matches – Ground 1 to be used for Seniors, Under 21, Women, Under 18s, SSF Gala Days and Senior Geelong Comp. Ground 2 to be used by all full and half pitch juniors and SSF. Ground 3 (when finished) to be used for full and half pitch juniors and SSF. Football Manager / Ground Co-Ordinator will have final say on allocation and usage of grounds without exception. Anyone not following the set rules will be asked to meet with Football Manager / Ground Co-Ordinator and Club Committee.

14 Ground Maintenance Robert Cosic needs 1 more in support. Contact – 0424 145 552. WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE: maintain the grounds, mowing, trimming, weeding, watering, repairs etc..Monitor the grounds condition and advise the Football Manager / Ground Co-ordinator to advise teams of changes to training and matches where necessary.

15 The Board of Directors The President The Secretary The Treasurer

16 Treasurer – Adrian Desa 0417 505 811 Assistant Treasurer – Tomi Sesar – 0431 069 099 With the Support of Assistant Treasurer Monitor and control clubs finances Maintain accounting systems via electronic spreadsheeting Pay bills and keep records Collect money and deposit in cash box or account and maintain accounts. Manage cash flow and balance expenditure with income and prep monthly report (spreadsheet) Prepare floats for kitchen, bar and gate registers Maintain change in cash registers and a reserve in the safe Prepare financial statements for members at AGM Reconcile monies received with receipts Work with Secretary regarding correspondence that requires balancing. Maintain membership/season passes with Secretary, keep records of all persons who are members of the club, showing their places of residence and currency of membership/season passes.

17 Secretary – Daniel Desa – 0422 569 210 Assistant Secretary – Marijana Banovac – 0433 372 214 With the help of Assistant Secretary. Responsible for the recording minutes and following up on actions of the minutes of the Board Meetings. Assist the President in making sure the Board Meetings are run at a timely pace and helps the Board Members in formulating motions that come up for a vote. Have the minute books, club documents, corporate seal and papers. Maintain membership/season passes with Treasurer; keep records of all persons who are members of the club, showing their places of residence and composing email lists. Managing correspondence into and out of the Club Provide info for newsletters and web updates Contact point for club issues and bookings. Arrange representation of club at FFV, GRFC, Government, Sponsor or Community meetings and issues. Compiling and distributing the Club Newsletter, the Dribble.

18 President – Josip Zilic – 0431 254 676, Vice President - VACANT With the assistance of Vice President Chairperson during meetings Chairs the Annual Members Meeting and any special members meetings held Escalate Club issues to the FFV. Perform the role of Club Ambassador at external functions Coordinates the activities of various board members As a board member, recommends new policy or changes to policy Establishes administrative procedures to ensure club policies are carried out Work with Board of Directors to maintain relationships with FFV, GRFC, sponsors, community and different levels government. Contact point for executive board to promote or resolve issues relating to the operation of the club

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