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1 State Library of SA & SACE Stamos Ganiaris Education Librarian.

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1 1 State Library of SA & SACE Stamos Ganiaris Education Librarian

2 2 Introduction State’s largest public research library Welcoming environment Tours Home access online databases Heritage Collections

3 3 Tours Orientation to library’s services and resources Guidance on searching the catalogue Demonstration of home access databases Explanation of digitised online resources Subject specific tours can be arranged

4 4 Home access online databases

5 5 ReferenceBooks: Collections Over 600.000 monographs Support self directed learning Collection strengths: –Australian material –Literature –Social Sciences –Health –History –Arts

6 6 Collections Newspapers: Comprehensive collection of SA & Australian Newspapers Key overseas newspapers Available in a range of formats including home access databases

7 7 Periodicals: Collections Magazines on a wide range of subjects both Australian and overseas Over 38,000 titles Different formats Historic & current titles Complete published sets of some key titles

8 8 Heritage Collections Primary source of the state’s documentary heritage Library’s responsibility to collect, preserve and provide access to SA material Chronicles our history. development, social and cultural life

9 9 Collections Pictorial: Documentary recording of: –Towns or suburbs –People – Environment –Businesses & workplaces –Transport –Events –Buildings

10 10 Collections Mapping:

11 11 Collections Ephemera: Transient material: –Posters –Brochures, leaflets –Electioneering material –Menus –Theatre programs

12 12 Collections Ephemera: Important record of: –social life –popular culture – political viewpoints –businesses –local history

13 13 Fact sheets General Specific collections & services SA subjects Indigenous topics

14 14 Online area for students & teachers

15 15 Friendly Assistance Information Desk/Phone Enquiry Service staffed by reference librarians to show students on how to locate relevant resources for their research/assignments

16 16 Study areas

17 17 Questions ????????????? Stamos Ganiaris  8207 7234 

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