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Australian Professional Standard for Principals 360° Reflection Tool.

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1 Australian Professional Standard for Principals 360° Reflection Tool

2 Australian Professional Standard for Principals

3 The Standard is a public statement which sets out what Principals are expected to know, understand and do. It is represented as an integrated model. The Standard aims to: define the role and unify the profession nationally describe professional practice in a common language make explicit the role of quality school leadership in raising standards for the 21 st century

4 Vision and values Knowledge and understanding Personal qualities, social and interpersonal skills Professional practices Leading teaching and learning Developing self and others Leading improvement, innovation and change Leading the management of the school Engaging and working with the community High quality learning, teaching and schooling The standard for principals : The role in action Leadership requirements Successful learners, confident creative individuals and active informed citizens* Context: School, sector, community: socio-economic, geographic: and education systems at local, regional, national and global levels

5 problem solve inform strategic planning self reflect identify professional learning coach communicate the role prepare for new opportunities as an element of professional appraisal attract, develop and support

6 Watch the video that introduces the Standard Videos can be found at: or

7 Using one of the resources available, work in small groups to unpack the Standard.

8 School Leadership Clearinghouse

9 The School Leadership Clearinghouse is an up-to-date repository of research and best-practice in the field of school leadership. It provides: access to the latest research and evidence in school leadership the ability to share resources and information via the Community Resources database

10 Featuring: in excess of 700 resources topical reading lists professional learning opportunities tools & materials events & conferences websites

11 360 o Reflection Tool

12 describes 15 attributes evident in the behaviours of high performing school leaders connects school leaders with the Standard provides formative feedback on the leadership behaviours they exhibit.


14 reflection monitoring change learning more about their strengths exploring opportunities for improvement gathering feedback developing an action plan planning professional learning an element of professional appraisal.

15 Ensuring everyone has a copy of the: attribute cards stimulus question cards 360° Reflection Tool Attribute Model Pick an activity from the “engaging with the 360º Reflection Tool activities” sheet and undertake either individually or in a small group.

16 Principal Standard Clearinghouse 360 o Reflection Tool

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