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Positive Steps Forward Presented by Megan Inge Embryologist and Personal Trainer.

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1 Positive Steps Forward Presented by Megan Inge Embryologist and Personal Trainer

2 Commence and continue exercise Healthy diet Stress Management and Goal Setting Stop Smoking 6-8 hours sleep per night Take folate and vitamin B6 Reduce drugs, caffeine and alcohol Key Factors

3 Weight loss and PCOS A large number of research studies have shown that it only takes a modest amount of weight loss (5-10 kg or 5-10 per cent of your initial body weight) in the majority of women with PCOS to: Reduce insulin resistance by about 50 per cent Restore ovulation Regulate menstrual cycles Reduce pregnancy complications Improve fertility Improve emotional health (self esteem, anxiety, depression) Reduce risk factors for diabetes and heart disease

4 Healthy Lifestyle = Healthy HABITS

5 Calorie restriction and exercise 15-20% reduction in calories per day Minimum of 150 mins per week. At least 40-60 mins exercise x 3 / week Increase Incidental Exercise Plan your meals, shop with a full stomach Healthy choices and portion control Maintaining good hydration How to Lose Weight

6 Eat like a small person Eat small amounts often and never skip meals Try to break unhealthy food associations Replace chocolate and lolly cravings with a small handful of nuts Where possible choose steamed, poached, boiled or baked foods rather than those that have been fried or deep fried. Clear your plate as soon as you feel full Carry a bottle of water with you wherever you go and. drink a glass of water before your meal Remember In and Out equation Weight Loss Tips

7 Eat Most 5 x Bread and cereal 4 x Vegetables 3 x Fruit Eat Moderately – PROTEIN 50g/day Fish, chicken, seeds, nuts, legumes, dairy foods and meat (equivalent of 400ml milk and small serve of meat) Eat Least Butter, Margarine, cream and oils, sugar, sweet desserts and sweet biscuits Healthy Nutrition

8 Case Study Female 90kg, 167cm tall, 37yo, low activity 20% calorie restriciton: 1.4kg loss/mth Daily calorie allowance = 1579 or 394 per meal… 1 meal example: 140g chicken 2 cups broccoli 79g rice 3g oil

9 Keep a exercise and food journal and pin up in your pantry Tell your family and friends and ask them to help Hire a personal trainer PIN UPS:  goal weight  Inspirational weight loss quotes  motivational tips Motivational Tips

10 8 Benefits of Regular Physical Activity Improves your mood and self esteem Combats chronic diseases Helps you manage your weight Boosts your energy level Promotes better sleep Increase libido Improves Fertility Can be fun

11 ` Start Health and Well Being Program Remember Birthdays Go on a holiday Make time for fun! Run Melbourne Marathon MeFamily WorkFriends

12 Managing Stress and Anxiety Maintain nutrition and exercise often Remember and Reclaim What You Used to Love Spend More Romantic Time with Your Partner Write lists, be organised. Make Time for Relaxation and Self-Care Let Your Friends Support You Don't be Afraid to Take a Break Focus on the positive Don't be Ashamed to Seek Professional Help

13 Consulting Clinic 345 Carrington Street Adelaide SA 5000 Phone 8100 2900 Fertility SA Counsellor: Julie Potts Email: Website:

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