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2 2 ORIGINS OF THE RAILWAY INSTITUTE? Founded in 1981 to provide a higher standard of educational learning for employees while also stimulating growth and intellectual development in the arts, social, leisure, and physical recreations. From Sir Henry Parkes: “Real happiness in a country consisted in having so much of the gentleman in every man as to cause him to respect the rights and privileges of other men, and I look to the Institute to do much in the direction of improving the condition of those with it. To raise the character of all, and to impress the true sense of brotherhood upon all those connected with this great and important public service”.

3 3 TODAYS OBJECTIVES While not providing training to employees the Institute still is focused on stimulating growth and personal development by: Providing a range of quality services & benefits to the members on a not for profit, cost effective, value for money basis. Promoting & encouraging social/interactive relations through sport & leisure activities Encouraging enjoyment of the Arts with bookings to shows & plays Providing alternative programs to healthier lifestyles

4 4 WHAT DO WE PROVIDE WITH MEMBERSHIP? Personalize membership card (Frequent Values Program) NSW/Interstate & New Zealand holiday accommodation Stella Resorts (Short & Long Term Holiday Bookings) Peninsula Motor Inn Nelsons Bay (Member Discounts) Caltex or Mobil discount fuel card (save up to 2 cents per litre) Lawrence Dry-Cleaning (Discount dry-cleaning card ) Spendless (direct discounts on white/electrical goods etc ) Insurance Home/Content/Car/Boat Accident /Income Protection & Travel Insurance Rebel Sports Store (5% discount over the counter) J.R.TURKS (Electrical Wholesale Discounts ) PPG – Bristol/Taubman/White Knight (15% off Paint & Acc’s) Wines Direct (member wine discount)

5 5 OTHER SERVICES EXO Building Services Property Maintenance & Handyman Services HOT H20 The Hot Water Specialist (Electric – Gas - Solar NICHOLSON’S Landscaping Services SEVEN HILLS Electronic Services AUTO SEARCH Free car search facility – guaranteed – REV’s Checked RUN-AWAY SHUTTLES Airport Shuttle Service – from the Mountains to Sydney

6 6 HOW MUCH & HOW TO JOIN Full membership $104.00 per annum Senior membership $39.00 per annum (conditions apply) Prospective new members who’s employers provides payroll deductions can have fortnightly ($4.00) deductions made. Annual fee can be paid by cheque /money order or EFTPOS Alternatively direct bank debiting can be arranged. Membership is simple, go to our website fill out and print the application form.

7 7 MORE SERVICES Encompass Credit Union Banking & Financial Services R. T. Health Fund Health - Hospital – Ambulance - Ancillary Sporting Groups A variety of affiliated sporting groups to join: Golf – Ten Pin – Darts - Cricket (outdoor & indoor) Lawn Bowls –– Basketball – Touch Football – Pistol & Rife Shooting - Snooker & Billiards.

8 8 CONTACT DETAILS Phone: Tracey Jones 9752 8220 (Int: 25 220) Or 9752 8223 (Int 25 223) Fax: 9752 8217 (Int: 25 217) Write: PO Box 159 Petersham 2049 Visit: Old Railway Station Petersham Other contact numbers: Finances. Bruce Jones 9752 8221 (Int 25 221) Gen Mgr. Bob Ritchie 9752 8212 (Int 25 212)

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