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Bring Sandals and Flyspray Overcoming workforce and distance issues in Far North West Queensland.

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1 Bring Sandals and Flyspray Overcoming workforce and distance issues in Far North West Queensland

2 Health Information Management Core Processes Confidentiality, Release of Information, Filing, Registration, Statistics, Clinical Coding Automatic for Large Metropolitan Hospitals and Regional Centres

3 Rural and Remote Queensland Core Processes introduced in the last few years Difficult to supervise staff and maintain processes from 600 km away Frequent turnover of staff Not an optimal situation

4 Far North West Queensland Land of contrasts

5 District Casemix Higher per capita income Chronic disease impacts a younger age group Type II Diabetes, Renal Failure, Alcoholism Poor attendance for antenatal care results in smaller sicker babies

6 Climate Its much too hot for much too long Wet season closes many of the roads from December to March Air-conditioning is a must

7 District Profile Mining and cattle Indigenous = 10% population High unemployment for indigenous Grey nomads in the cooler season Barramundi are hard to catch

8 Mount Isa District Health Service Population 33,868 Are of 223,049 square km 4 Health Clinics 5 smaller hospitals Hospital at Mt Isa hub for district 615 staff Budget $47.66 million annually

9 Workforce Profile Reliance on agency staff for nursing Shortage of civilised facilities Lots of crocodiles No malls Coffee is awful Bring an adventurous spirit Fantastic scope

10 Administration roles No admin staff at 4 clinics One admin at small hospitals Wide responsibilities Many demands Cultural expectations

11 Current Health Information Practice Direct supervision by local Director of Nursing Indirect responsibility to Mt Isa Difficulty to train admin staff May be no handover Local work practices Range of available skills

12 Health Information Mostly terminal digit filing Each hospital and most CH centres have separate medical records Filing good and bad Three Patient Administration Systems for 10 Health Centres and 10 CH Numbers for “Transients” Good practices have morphed

13 Time for a Change One Health Information Manager Huge distances/time consuming Other responsibilities

14 Benefits Realisation Benefits may not be immediate Standardization, automation and streamlining work flows Maintain a skilled workforce

15 Relevant EQuIP Guidelines 4.1.1 Primary source of information 4.1.2 Unique identificaton of patients 4.1.4 Systems for records management 3.1.4 Learning & development system ensures skill& competency of staff to support safe practice and the provision of quality care and service

16 State & National Imperatives Client Directory Project Health Connect Remain connected to mainstream Australia

17 Scope Stage 1 – standardize practice and implement electronic registration Stage 2 – realtime electronic admission of patients Stage 3 – clinical coding from medical records rather than front sheets

18 Stakeholders District Directors of Nursing District Administrative Staff Nurses and Community Health Staff Secondary stakeholders are HIM, Revenue, Admissions, Clinical Coder, and Queensland Data Services Unit in Brisbane

19 Risks and Threats Inevitable, the more changes, the more risks Directly affect the project or arise because of the project Insufficient communication Insufficient monitoring Non-compliance Mitigation strategies essential

20 Time frames & Key Milestones Time frame Stage 1 is December 2005 Project Concept Communication with stakeholders Liaison with Training & Development Coordinator, IT & payroll Development of training materials Selection of test sites Visit to facilities for introduction and training Review training materials Review of trial stage Implementation throughout district On Line mode

21 Implementation Strategy & Resources Project plan and adhered to Hardware and software already in place Information resources required Quite time resourceful

22 On Line Mode Materials developed for distance on line delivery Materials suitable for administrative or clinical staff Competencies and assessment in package useful for performance appraisal and development Getting there

23 Initial Roll Out Health Clinic 187 km away test site DON keen, ditto Health Worker Every imaginable preparation undertaken IT in Townsville all set up for PAS and label printing

24 Issues at the Test Site Key staff absent DON too busy for training IT failure Training rushed Sidetracked by Release of Information Assessment protocol too hard

25 Lessons learnt from the Test Site Don’t assume IT has it sorted Ring before leaving to check staff availability Change assessment to multiple choice Allow time for normal duties while training

26 Secondary Implementations Julia Creek and Mornington Island Training materials sent ahead to both DON and admin staff Communication prior to training Distractions less Training and implementation successful Patients being registered Assessment shows understanding

27 Evaluation and Review More time and energy than originally anticipated Apply experience gained to future programs being designed for documentation

28 Conclusions So Far Most assumptions held at the beginning of the project have been blitzed Online would be simple Control from central hub without face to face contact would save time and effort Staff would be keen to learn Availability of information equates with it being absorbed and useful New skills would be sustained and ongoing progress a given

29 Factors for Success Collaboration with Staff Development & Training Officer Communication, monitoring and follow up Provide tangible benefits to facility Initial IT requires a person on the ground Provide a sense of competition between facilities Leave the hardest to last to maintain confidence

30 Finally Fantastic opportunity for this HIM Huge scope in Mt Isa District in all areas of Health Information Management. Enormous job satisfaction

31 Keep on driving!

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