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2010 – Election Year Opportunities and threats Shannon Walker, Senior Client Manager, EMC.

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1 2010 – Election Year Opportunities and threats Shannon Walker, Senior Client Manager, EMC

2 About EMC Full service communications, research and advertising company Offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane Issues and social change campaign specialists Industrial relations, health, justice, Indigenous affairs, education, superannuation and the environment

3 About EMC Our service offer includes: Strategic Communications Planning Market and Social Research Public Relations and Media Management Crisis and Issues Management and Reputation Protection Advertising Digital Campaigns including web site development, video production and management of web 2.0 strategies

4 EMC’s Clients Kimberley Land Council Murrindindi Shire Council Australian Council of Trade Unions Australian Football League Australian Medical Association The Wilderness Society Maurice Blackburn Lawyers Queensland Council of Unions Victorian Department of Health National Australia Bank Unions NSW

5 Elections in 2010 There are four significant elections in Australia in 2010: »Tasmania (March 20) »South Australia (March 20) »Federal (probably September) »Victoria (November 27)

6 Victorian Election Research results: First preference if an election was held today PartyPercentage of vote Labor36% Liberal34% Greens10 % Family First2% National2% Democrats1% Family First2% Independent/Other4% Don’t Know11%

7 How is the Government going? Total GOOD Total BAD Very good GoodAveragePoor Very poor Don’t know Health24%40%4%20%32%24%16%5% Education34%25%6%28%36%17%8%6% Public transport 16%55%3%13%25%26%29%5% Police/pub lic safety 25%37%4%21%33%22%15%5% Water29%36%6%23%30%19%17%5% Utilities36%23%7%29%37%15%8%5%

8 What issues are most important? Very Important Important Not very important Not at all important Don't know Health services and hospitals71%24%2%<1%3% Water supply62%30%4%1%3% Policing and public safety57%33%5%1%3% Education and schools55%35%5%1%4% Economic management54%38%4%0%4% Public transport53%34%7%2%4% Gas and electricity supply44%41%10%1%4% Roads and traffic43%45%6%2%4% The environment40%43%10%3%4% Planning34%48%13%1%4%

9 Which Party is best at managing? LaborLiberalNo DifferenceDon't Know Health services and hospitals28%24%33%16% Education and schools32%25%29%15% Policing and public safety20%29%36%15% Economic management23%35%25%16% Water supply24%26%34%16% Gas and electricity supply19%21%43%17% Planning19%25%38%17% Public transport20%26%36%18% The environment32%22%31%15% Roads and traffic19%26%38%17%

10 What does this mean? Our polling suggests that despite these issues, the Government will be re-elected, although we believe they may lose a few seats. The problem for the Liberals is two-fold: 1.Most of the issues the ALP is vulnerable on are left-wing issues 1.The Liberals are perceived of as incapable of governing and cannot get past that perception.

11 Campaigning in an election year There are positives and negatives in campaigning during an election year: Positives: People (voters) are more interested in political / policy issues Political parties respond to issues that are raised in a much more timely fashion It is possible to define the political agenda through advertising / media and force political parties to respond. Negatives: It can be difficult to cut through all the other issues other groups are raising.

12 Setting the agenda It is vital in an election year to set the agenda – force political parties to respond to your issues. » Australian Education Union – School Facilities (2006 State Election) Audited every state school in Victoria Invited local press to audit tours (1 st local media story) Released outcome of audit to local media (2 nd story) Presented audit data to local MP (3 rd story) Aggregated Victorian-wide data for HS and Age articles Ran positive TV ads during this time. RESULT: Set the political agenda (parents raising concerns on their own) Put pressure on backbenchers (who pressure Minister on our behalf) Forced both ALP and Liberals to talk about education during an election year (a positive for the ALP) $1.9 Billion investment in school infrastructure.

13 Your campaign »What are your goals? »What is the problem you are providing the solution to? »Which of these goals will the public support you on? (AEU Class Sizes) »Who are your allies? »Enemies? »What information do you require to prosecute the campaign? A good story is: Statistical data + Case study + Expert commentary (Australians for Affordable Housing) »How do you put pressure on politicians and force them to respond to your issues?

14 Your task Divide into three groups: »Group 1: A local campaign »Group 2: A regional campaign »Group 3: A local government sector-wide campaign Develop a Communications Strategy: 1. Who are you trying to influence? 2. Who are your target audiences? 3. What information do you need to prosecute your campaign? 4. One tactic that will put pressure on the political parties? 5. Your slogan / bumper sticker?

15 Essential Media Communications Shannon Walker, Senior Client Manager Essential Media Communications 15-31 Pelham Street, Carlton, VIC 3053 Web: Ph: (03) 9929 9999 Email:

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