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Grasshoppers By Alexander Bromley.

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1 Grasshoppers By Alexander Bromley

2 Life stages of a Grasshopper
Tiny grasshopper (nymphs) hatch from eggs in spring and early summer. The egg hutching stage extend over a month or more. The nymphs resemble wingless adults and develop through five to six stages (moults). At the end of each stage the nymphs shed their cuticle (skin) and grow larger. Their are Six stages to a grasshopper before it becomes an adult. The Six stages are: The hatching 1St Moult 2Nd Moult 3Rd Moult 4Th Moult 5Th Moult Then they are an Adult Grasshopper

3 Grasshopper nymphs normally reach the adult stage in five to six weeks.
Adult grasshoppers have wings and begin laying eggs one to two weeks after becoming adults. Once the grasshopper reaches adult stage they live two to three months and will produce one generation per year. Egg sack From hatching to laying eggs

4 Egg stages from start to becoming a Nymph

5 What grasshoppers eat to survive
Grasshoppers eat leafy green plants but some long-horned grasshoppers also eat dead animals or catch and eat other insects.

6 Grasshoppers can be 5mm to 100mm in length
Their body is made up of three sections: the head the thorax the abdomen Their Antennae come in many lengths It can be longer than their body. Most grasshoppers have large bulbous eyes but some found in caves have small or no eyes at all. Grasshoppers can have either one or two sets of wings: Forewings which are hard and see-through or cloudy Hindwing which are clear and fold like a fan but are much bigger than the Forewing. Grasshoppers have six legs which are thin and have spines (bones). Two Jumping legs Four walking legs Grasshoppers also come in many colours so they can camouflage

7 What a grasshopper looks like

8 Why I chose to do grasshoppers
Because they eat plants and I have many in my garden as seen in pictures below Where I found my information I found some information from the Internet using the following websites: My own book - Insects & spiders by John Owen My own vegetable garden – the grasshoppers love to eat my plants.

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