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Youth, Children & Families 2012/2013 Jonathan Kemp Dir. Youth, Children’s & Families Ministry, Ministry Education Commission Milton, Queensland.

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1 Youth, Children & Families 2012/2013 Jonathan Kemp Dir. Youth, Children’s & Families Ministry, Ministry Education Commission Milton, Queensland

2 Outline: YCF Structure YCF Staff YCF Strategy: ▫Events ▫Camps ▫Partnerships ▫Communication ▫Training, Resourcing and Formation

3 YCF Structure Based at MEC at Milton. Liaise with all Commissions / agencies / parishes / other denominations et al. Peak body: YCF Advisory Board (EDs of MEC and PMC, clergy, youth workers, school chaplains, YCF team, youth) which meets 2-3 times per year.

4 YCF Staff Ministry Education Commission YCF team: Mr Jonathan Kemp (Director, YCF Ministry) FT Mr Jonathan Sargeant (RE, Chaplaincy) FT Ms Fiona Hammond (Special Projects / Education) 0.4 Mr Nathan Haywood (Dio. Camps Coordinator) 0.2

5 YCF Strategy  Events  Camps  Partnerships  Communication  Training, Resourcing & Formation Aligns with Diocesan and MEC strategies We aim to assist the parishes and agencies of the Church to evangelise and disciple people, from birth to young adulthood, in order to develop their maturity as Christians within the Anglican tradition.

6 Strategy: Events RISE: Brookfield in May 2012: more than 70 people attended. RISE II: 1 June 2013 Milton Resourcing + Inspiring + Sharing = Enabling Equipping Anglicans for effective YCF ministry in parishes and on camps.


8 Events: RISE in 2013+ Kept as an annual Diocesan day (Saturday 1 June at Milton). Can also be made a regional event (on a smaller scale) Ideally, Camp Leader training and Child Protection Policy training held simultaneously.


10 Strategy: Events August 2012: ASSN (Anglican Schools Student Network) conference (ASC/MEC)

11 Strategy: Events November 2012: Saturation day, Wet’N’Wild Water Park (c. 100 attendees) To be held again at Wet’N’Wild on Saturday 9 Nov 2013. Open to YGs, kids, camp Reunions, Anglican schools, Etc.

12 Strategy: Camps (New) Primary Ichthus (Jan.2013; Jan 2014) 29 campers, 15 leaders

13 Strategy: Camps Emmaus retreat (March 2013) Young adults Coolum 22 campers, 15 leaders (up 400%) Overseen by “Emmaus Executive” (meets monthly) Reunion: 18/5 Chermside

14 Strategy: Camps Junior Ichthus (September 2013/14) Near Springbrook 52 campers / 15 leaders

15 Strategy: Camps Senior Ichthus 30 June – 6 July 28 campers / 15 leaders Near Peregian Springs Overseen by “Ichthus Management Group” which meets monthly.

16 Strategy: Partnerships GFS have offered grants of up to $500 per parish per year for a group. Up to $2000 per parish per year for a special, one-off project. Have been widely taken up, largely thanks to our promotion of the grants. Have indicated they will support our camping program strongly in 2013.

17 Strategy: Partnerships In return, we support GFS Cathedral day (kids’ activities etc. on Thursday 3 October) AYCFAB supported GFS/Kidsplus+ groups as the preferred kids’ club model in parishes. Fiona and I are presenting at the GFS leaders weekend at Bribie on 25 May. We will also explore other forms of support.

18 Strategy: Partnerships and Projects JK Committees: QCMN (ecumenical / SU) MC&F Reference group Connect 2 Church E-Lent / Word Up project Vocations Task-group ALEC (ASC) JS Committees: RENEW (Chair) QCT RE&Chap Commission ASRED (ASC) REAC (Qld govt) ALEC (ASC) We are working with or have worked with: Anglicare (Social Justice) UCA / LYQ / RC ASC ABM et al...

19 Strategy: Communication New website: Events calendar (two-way communication) Downloadable resources for every kind of YCF group YCF group directory Picture Galleries Camp rego forms Blogs and blog roll Contact details And more...

20 Strategy: Communication Social Media : Facebook Page: c.240 Likes AYCFAB decided against Twitter. (NB: Social Media policy for AYCF / parishes in place.)

21 Strategy: Communication Focus Wednesday Weekly Regular newsletters to Parishes and contacts (providing links to our Website).

22 Strategy: Training, Resourcing and Formation Visit parishes, schools and agencies for preaching / consulting / problem-solving... On topics including: Youth Ministry Children’s Ministry (inc. Messy Church) Families Ministry Employing YCF Ministers Social media/networking (new Social Media Policy)

23 Strategy: Training, Resourcing & Formation Bring It! A regular bi-monthly meeting for youth ministers and leaders of youth groups in the Diocese, with guest speakers, free pizza, etc.

24 Strategy: Training, Resourcing and Formation We encourage parishes to employ a YCF minister (FT/PT/Casual) and we advise on all steps of the process, in liaison with Diocesan HR. JK currently working on new Parish Regulation for YCF Minister Appt Process. We are seeking formal pathways to forming YCF Ministers (SFC / partnership with other denomination or group?)

25 Summing up: MEC’s 2013 YCF Ministry EventsCamps / Conferences Partner- ships Communi- cation Resources, Training and Formation RISE dayPrimary Ichthus GFS updates Parish workshops Bring it! meetings Junior IchthusASC seminars Facebook Page On-call consultancy to all Saturation day Senior IchthusQCMNFocus contentGrad clergy training GFS kids’ events EmmausOther committees Wed Weekly updates YCF Minister pastoral care and advice Messy ChurchASSNYCF newsletters Regional visits

26 Going for Growth in 2013 and beyond What factors might prevent us from achieving growth in Youth, Children’s and Families Ministry?

27 Lutheran YQCatholic YCMAnglican YCF / RE Director (FT)YM Coordinator (FT)Director (FT) Leadership trainer (FT)Yth Min Development officer (FT) RE/Chaplaincy (FT) Young Adult Ministry coordinator (0.6) 2 Children’s Ministry (inc. RE) (0.8 + 0.6) Special projects / Education (0.4) Business Manager (FT)Yth Min Admin (FT)Camps Coordinator (0.2) Administrator (FT)Children’s Min Admin (0.8) 4.6 FTE5.2 FTE2.6 FTE Staffing comparison of YCF Ministries :

28 Gaps and Weaknesses No administrative support at MEC No Children’s Ministry expert on staff Not much explicit Young Adult ministry (yet) No obvious study / formation pathway for lay YCF Ministers in this Diocese YCF Minister appointment process requires streamlining in light of shared HR services, etc. Web problems: on-line rego and payments? No official access to bulk parish emails

29 “Investment Drives Growth” Is Youth, Children’s and Families Ministry a strategic priority for the Diocese in 2013 and beyond?

30 Growth Strategy: Finance Use GFS Grants Fundraising Appeal Dinner (project proposal now underway) “Youth Ministry Fund”? (cf Melb. Dio; BushMF) Aim for 10% profit from each AYCF activity or event? Promote YCF as a key to Diocesan growth in order to achieve more budget share?

31 Growth Strategy: Events Young Adult Events (proposed) ▫“Faith on Tap” / “Food 4 Thought”  Sherwood AFL Club? (Michael Stalley)  St John’s College UQ?  Southbank / West End? ▫Emmaus Groups – Deanery/Region-based SN@P nights – Wynnum, Bardon, Clayfield... Youth form of ‘Bible 360’ (proposed) Encourage more parishes to try “Messy Church”

32 Growth Strategy: Camps Same camps but with more campers? ▫Emmaus – building links with Cursillo More camps? ▫Young Adult camp (distinct from Emmaus)? ▫Music Camp project (proposed) ▫Social Service (Fix-it) camp? ▫Social Justice (We:Gen) camp? ▫ABM Mission trips / pilgrimages (in 2014) ▫Study Camps (huge in Sydney but LYQ say no) ▫Family camps

33 More camps? (continued) Bring back Regional Youth Conferences (RYCons) and/or Qld Ang Yth Conf (QAYC)? Stay over at Brookfield? Tents at Pointro? Schoolies Week? (see ASC) Gap Year / Year 13 options? (see ASC/ABM)

34 Growth Strategy: Partnerships GFS/ABM – as above QCMN – Kids’ Games / Forums Anglican Schools – RaVE classes visiting youth groups? Student leadership training conducted by AYCF instead of being outsourced. Unis – see Young Adult ministry / transitions. Shared training days with UCA et al? Links with other Dioceses? (Rockhampton, NQ, Grafton) NYMC – Tweed Heads, October 2013

35 Growth Strategy: Communication Social media as above Newsletters / email as above Promote exceptionally good examples of AYCF ministry? YCF promotional materials available in Cathedral and Universities (Chaplaincy Centres and Colleges) YCF promotions at Anglican school fetes?

36 Growth Strategy: Training, Resourcing and Formation Improved appointment process for YCF Lay Stip. Ministers (at draft v.6 now) Create formation/training and career path for YCF Ministers Encourage parishes to employ YCF Ministers More regional training / networking days, esp. in Western region. Specific training with Sudanese and other migrant congregations? (COGS / Matthew Hale Lib)

37 Growth Strategy: Training, Resourcing and Formation Within parishes, focus on Transition periods for young people: ▫Primary School  High school ▫High school  Uni/work “Apprentices Guild” for upper primary, to follow Sunday school and retain this age group (cf. QCMN “Here2Stay” project)

38 Where will Growth come from, if not from Youth, Children and Families?

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