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An introduction on why the Foundation was established by Robyn Arya & Alan Kohn Page 1 9 July 2008

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1 An introduction on why the Foundation was established by Robyn Arya & Alan Kohn Page 1 9 July 2008

2 Mission of the Foundation Page 2 9 July 2008 “To ensure that all children with special needs have the appropriate aids and equipment to support their health and wellbeing, growth and learning.”

3 Why was the Foundation Established In loving memory of our son Dean Recognised the need for “top up funding” above the government allocated funds from our own experiences with Dean hearing from and knowing families facing ongoing financial difficulties liaising with disability groups Page 3 9 July 2008

4 Our Personal Experience Equipment Dean required –chairs (panda & ladybird) –standing frame –special needs pusher –therapy equipment e.g. exercise ball, sensory box Cost –out of pocket Waiting time –average 4 to 12 months Page 4 9 July 2008 Ladybird seatingStanding framePanda chairMountain Buggy

5 Management of Funds Money raised is distributed by the Foundation members = Robyn, Alan & Joshua Based on individual needs of child and family Preference is given to financially disadvantaged families Every dollar raised goes directly to the purchase of equipment Page 5 9 July 2008

6 Purpose of Equipment & Aids Assist with mobility, support and seating Promote independence with daily activities Prevent injury to child and parent/carer (e.g. lifting and transfers) Strengthen bones, improve muscle tone and prevent deformity (e.g. due to growth) Enhance wellbeing & minimise hospital admissions Page 6 9 July 2008

7 Children’s Equipment Needs Ongoing needs - not just a one off Early years - specialised seating for the home & car - standing frame & walker Childhood years - beginning school, - growing taller & heavier e.g. wheelchair, communication devices Adolescent years - rapid growth - functional skills may change e.g. bigger chair, toilet adaptation Page 7 9 July 2008

8 Children’s Equipment Needs Vital that appropriate equipment is: 1.correctly prescribed 1.efficiently delivered to meet a child’s individual and changing needs over time Page 8 9 July 2008

9 Equipment Expenditure Examples Page 9 9 July 2008 EquipmentAge Range Total Cost Victorian Aids & Equipment Program Subsidy Family Out of Pocket Expense Panda High ChairInfant$4,600$1,250$3,350 Hoist & Slingchildhood onwards $5,290$3,600$1,660 Standing FrameInfant Childhood $1,670 $4,900 $550 $1,120 $4,350 Voice Output Communication Aid childhood onwards $14,500$7,000$7,500 Vehicle Modification for Wheelchair Access Childhood onwards Approx. $10,000 to $30,000 $0 Currently Under Review $10,000 to $30,000 + cost of vehicle

10 Types of Equipment Page 10 9 July 2008 Wheel Chair $4,430Hoist & Sling $5,300

11 Types of Equipment Page 11 9 July 2008 Electric Standing Frame $4,900Car Hoist & Mods $15,000

12 Foundation Recipients Examples of just some of the 28 children and their families the Foundation has supported: Full purchase of a $6,000 wheelchair for a 13 year old girl from Geelong $4,000 co-payment towards the purchase of a $14,500 Dynavox Voice Output Communication Aid for a 6 year old boy from New Gisborne $500 co-payment towards the purchase of a $1,800 body splint for a 10 year old girl from Glen Waverly $468 co-payment towards the purchase of a $768 Kaye Walker for a 15 year old girl from Hampton $489 co-payment towards the purchase of a $3,799 shower/commode chair for a 17 year old boy from East Oakleigh $1000 co-payment towards a $4264 panther wheelchair for a 7 year old girl from Seaford Page 12 9 July 2008

13 How you can help the Dean Arya-Kohn Foundation Come along to our fundraisers Hold a fundraising event Sponsor a Child with special needs Ongoing annual support Corporate sponsorship Page 13 9 July 2008

14 Thankyou!! Page 14 9 July 2008 Dean in Panda ChairDean in Sensory Box

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