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Welcome to Day Two of Application Writing and Preparing for Interviews for Leadership Positions.

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2 Welcome to Day Two of

3 Application Writing and Preparing for Interviews for Leadership Positions

4 Welcome…here’s the plan… Questions The Merit Selection process Reflecting & planning Writing Practising Final words of wisdom So you’ve been shortlisted Preparing for interviews ….if we have time!

5 Merit Selection Policy Procedures and Guidelines Tish Champion AEU Women’s Officer

6 Planning and Managing Your Professional Journey Do you have a professional portfolio? Do you have an up to date CV? Do you have a personal ‘philosophy’? Do you ‘manage up’? Do you write personal reflections and reports?

7 Pieces of the Puzzle Ask for the J&P and information Is this the job for you? Are you suited to the position and it to you? Can you meet the essential criteria? Who would you ask to be a referee for you?

8 Some important things to think about Evidence Personal Skills and Abilities Experience Knowledge

9 Panel procedures and processes Reflecting, planning and writing Writing style and ‘voice’ Evidential writing – proving your ability and writing outcomes based statements Proofing and editing Referees Have you thought about…?

10 Before you begin writing… J and P specification Portfolio Examples of good practice relevant to position Homework about site Do you really want it? What is at stake? Which referees? Introduction and summary statements Talk to colleagues and get their perspectives Identify key skills and strengths

11 Writing… Beginning and ending To quote or not to quote Using jargon/acronyms TEXT STYLE, using BOLD AND UNDERLINING Composite applications Humour

12 Task Choose a J&P to work on Consider the context Unpack one criteria in particular (you might like to use a template for this) Either by yourself or in a small group -

13 Remember… My role… and what I did Who for and who with How… processes and strategies When and where With what results, impact, outcomes

14 Next…. Read your writing out loud Ask yourself, how can I improve this, how else can I word this? Write concisely and for effect Ask others to give you feedback and suggestions Remember your audience

15 The 7 deadly sins 1.Copying other people’s applications 2.Inflating the truth 3.Taking the credit for something you didn’t do 4.Not editing or proof reading 5.Not addressing the criteria 6.Using only ‘I’ or only ‘we’ 7.Cramming in too much….

16 So you have completed your application Before you submit it check and double check… Ensure you submit it before the close of application time While you are waiting to hear about an interview, keep on preparing…

17 Things we’ve learned… You should only apply for jobs that you really want. It hurts a whole lot when you don’t get a job that you want. You should not confuse your career with your life. When you have finished – rest!

18 Congratulations! You have been short-listed for the position!

19 The interview process… Managing yourself prior to the day -  psychological,  emotional,  physical  intellectual preparation What do these look like?…

20 The interview process… Preparing for the interview – Gathering information Presenting your knowledge, skills and experience Rehearsing responses Using your networks


22 The interview process… Group activity Form a panel and choose an interviewee Select a J & P Identify possible questions Prepare and rehearse possible responses

23 The interview process… Group activity continued… Practice interview process with panel and interviewee At conclusion of interview, discuss the process and briefly provide feedback and encouragement

24 What are your questions now? Reflect on the questions from the beginning of the session. What questions have not been addressed? What questions do you have now?

25 Useful References and Acknowledgements Thank you to the DECS SA Centre for Leaders in Education (SACLE) for material provided in this presentation, in particular Wendy House “ Strategy Survival Guide: an Introduction to Strategy in Government”. Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit, London: Understanding Influence for Leaders at all Levels – Management Today Series Australian Institute of Management. McGraw-Hill Australia 2005 The Articulate Executive – Learn to Look, Act and Sound Like a Leader Granville N Toogood. McCraw-Hill 1996 Fierce Conversations – Achieving Success in Work and in Life, One Conversation at a Time. Susan Scott. Piatkus 2002 The 8 th Habit – From Effectiveness to Greatness. Stephen R. Covey. Free Press 2004 Leading in a Culture of Change Michael Fullan. Jossey-Bass 2001

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