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Faces of Primary Flabiana Timor Leste Thai-Burma border Khin.

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2 Faces of Primary

3 Flabiana Timor Leste

4 Thai-Burma border Khin

5 Colletta Zimbabwe

6 Philippines Bae Lisa

7 Judy Peru Judy

8 Australia Audrey

9 “If you want peace, work for justice” Pope Paul VI

10 Flabiana Timor Leste Flabiana’s community is just one of the many being helped by your support for Caritas Australia.

11 They live in Oe-cusse, a remote part of Timor Leste, just a one hour flight from Darwin.

12 Flabiana’s family fled violence in Timor Leste in 1999. When they came home, their house was destroyed. They had nothing. Photo: Marden Dean

13 Flabiana and other villagers joined Caritas Australia’s training program. They learned new ways to: grow fast-growing crops grow trees for timber and fruit breed animals prepare traditional medicine run a savings scheme prepare food

14 Now they make and sell tofu, tempeh and other foods. Photos: Marden Dean

15 Flabiana says her family’s life has changed so much; she can afford to send her children to school. Photos: Marden Dean

16 When you support Project Compassion, Caritas Australia uses the money to help communities in more than 30 countries. Through making the world a fairer place, peace is spreading...

17 Khin’s family fled to Thailand to escape conflict in Burma. Thanks to our partners, Khin can now go to school and her family is being helped to build a more peaceful future.

18 Conflict destroyed the borehole in Colletta’s village in Zimbabwe. Now the borehole is repaired and Colletta says there are fewer squabbles. People can spend time growing food instead of carrying water.

19 Bae Lisa trained as a peace volunteer in the Philippines with our partner, MPC. She learned new ways to help people to talk together instead of fighting.

20 Judy says that poverty in her town in Peru leads to fighting at home and in the streets. Our partner, Mercy Family Health Service, gives food and healthcare to children like Judy’s daughter, Vania. With healthy and happy children, Judy thinks her town’s future will be more peaceful.

21 Indigenous Australians often have shorter lives than non- Indigenous Australians. This is not fair. In Djarindjin, Audrey is helping her community to live longer through healthier lifestyles.

22 A more just world means a more peaceful world......for everyone.

23 Prayer God of Compassion, You call us to be peacemakers. When we feel angry, help us to forgive and to show mercy. We pray for the many countries where there is fighting. Help us to work for a fairer world where everyone can live in peace. We make this prayer in Jesus’ name. Amen

24 Join us in Project Compassion Let’s work together for justice and a more peaceful world 1800 024 413

25 Picture credits Timor Leste:Marden Dean Thailand: Molly Mullen, Oliver White and JRS Ranong Zimbabwe:Themba Madzvimbo Philippines:Romy Elufsa Peru:Luis Paz Australia:Richard Wainwright


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