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Ancestry Library Edition 2008 Nicola Giles Customer Education & Training Specialist.

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1 Ancestry Library Edition 2008 Nicola Giles Customer Education & Training Specialist

2 Agenda Brief Introduction to Ancestry Library Edition Key Content / Recent Content Additions Interface Overview and Functionality

3 What is Ancestry Library Edition? Ancestry Library Edition is a working solution to understanding the past Most comprehensive online genealogical database available to libraries Over 4 billion names in over 3500 collections

4 Variations on a theme… Ancestry Library Edition What’s the difference?

5 Ancestry Library Edition –Sold to academic institutions and libraries –Consumer edition –Allows end-users to upload information –More advertising Variations on a theme…

6 –Contains 23 collections specifically relevant to Australia –These collections are included in Ancestry Library Edition.

7 What can ALE offer you? Genealogy one of the fastest growing interests in public domain Membership of genealogical societies is on the increase Opportunity to greatly increase your library/archive centre footfall!

8 What can ALE offer your users? Opportunity to trace their ancestors in UK, US and certain international territories Access to the historical records required to build a family tree; Census, BMD indexes, Passenger Lists, Military Records and much, much more…. A tool for those interested in historical research as a whole

9 Key Content U.S. Census Collection 1790 – 1930 England & Wales Census 1851 – 1901 England & Wales Civil Registration Index 1837 – present UK Parish & Probate Records Pallots Marriage & Baptism Index for England 1780 - 1837

10 Key Content Immigration Collection Military Collection Family & Local History Records Ancestry World Tree Ancestry message boards

11 Recent Australian content launched!

12 “Buckley's chance”  English convict transported to Australia, escaped in Dec 1803, given up for dead and lived in an Aboriginal community for many years  Improbably survival possible source of Australian phrase “Buckley’s chance”, meaning “No chance”  In 1835 he returned to white society, was given a pardon and a job as a Interpreter to the natives.

13 Tour of Ancestry Library Edition

14 Using ALE – Running a Ranked Search

15 Results

16 Running an Exact Search

17 Results Displays hits in each collection Breaks results into record categories

18 Viewing census image

19 Soundex / Proximity

20 Results

21 Browse by Region Select the country whose records you wish to search through

22 Sources, How To and Maps

23 Browse by Collection Provides a search box tailored to that collection

24 User Resources

25 Charts and Forms – these include: Ancestral Chart. Shows you your research progress in a downloadable format Research Calendar. Tracks which record sources you have searched and when Census Forms. Allows you to download the template of the Census forms to see the format, as some are very hard to read Correspondence Record. Who you have corresponded with, when, why and whether you have had a response.

26 Charts and Forms

27 Ancestry Message Board

28 Ancestry World Tree

29 Search Tips Start with a broad search Try various spellings Wildcard searching Search examples

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