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Welcome to your Library

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1 Welcome to your Library
Mrs. Altman, Librarian

2 Procedures There are procedures that we follow when we come to the library. If we all follow these procedures, we will be able to select the books we want and listen to stories.

3 Entering the Library Walk silently in line. Hug your book
Stop at the globe Wait silently for directions

4 Checking in Books Hold the book upside down with the spine away from your body – like an alligator is biting your tummy! Place the barcode under the scanner. Wait for it to beep. Hand the book to Mrs. Altman. Let her know if you are renewing it. Walk to the Story Steps and sit quietly on your assigned number.

5 Story Time Sit on your assigned number – do not run or jump
Respect everyone’s space Keep your shoes on Whisper quietly until Mrs. Altman arrives Listen silently while Mrs. Altman reads the story and goes over the lesson Raise your hand to speak Wait to be dismissed

6 Choosing a Book If you are in grades 3,4, or 5, get a shelf marker.
Begin to browse the fiction and nonfiction shelves. Be sure to use the shelf marker in the correct manner.

7 Choosing a Book Grades K, 1,2, and 3; select one book
Grades 4 and 5, select one or two books Get your library card off of table 8 and bring it and your book to the circulation desk Scan your card first and then your book Give the card to Mrs. Altman and take the book to your assigned seat at the tables

8 Begin your Assigned Work
Walk quietly to your assigned seat at the tables. Take the papers from your grade level folder and begin working quietly. Be sure to put your name on your paper. If you finish early, read your book.

9 Study Hall Stop at the door and show your pass to the teacher.
Be sure to use the restroom BEFORE you come to study hall. You will not be dismissed to use the restroom. Be sure you have all your materials – pencil, paper, books, etc. You will not be dismissed to get materials once you are in study hall. If you have a “go” pass, you may leave when finished. If you have a “stay” pass, or no pass, you will be dismissed when the bell rings.

10 Be sure you have enough work to keep you busy for study hall.
I will not be checking out books during study hall. If you have come to read, you may sit on the story steps. If you have a question about your work, raise your hand. There is no talking during study hall.

11 AR Fire Up with Reading will continue this year.
You may take AR tests in the library at recess. Keep reading and earning points to get your incentives!

12 In Conclusion… Be sure to take care of your books.
I am happy to help you choose a book. Earn your AR points. Read, read, read!

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