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Woady Yaloak PS Smythesdale Campus By Hannah Davey.

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1 Woady Yaloak PS Smythesdale Campus By Hannah Davey

2 My Project My project is about my school and how it is a great school!!!!

3 Who is Woady Yaloak? Woady Yaloak PS is made up of 4 campuses: Smythesdale, Snake Valley, Scarsdale and Ross Creek. We are p-6 schools. The 4 campuses work together a lot, we know each other really well and we go on camps, excursions, trips and many other things together.

4 Our School building The past few years our school has changed a lot. We had a new building built and our old buildings taken. Our new building has four classrooms, one for p/1, another for 2/3/4, 5/6 and one for ICT and L.O.T.E. We have a big space in the middle where we hold assembly, buddies, fun Friday and a lot of other things.

5 Outside Outside, we have a big playground, sandpit, a patch of green grass for footy, a bar for sitting/flips. We also have a shed to keep our sport equipment in and anything we don’t need. There is a big under cover play area with lots of seats, when it’s raining or we don’t have hats we will sit there. We have tennis courts for playing various games on. We also have a recreation hall for playing games/sport, and a big oval for walking/running around and for practising sprints, hurdles and relay for sport day.

6 About Classes Of course we have maths and literacy, reading and all of that, but we also have some special classes like: L.O.T.E we are learning Japanese S.E.P.E.P 5/6 class only Performing arts (my favourite) I.C.T (computers!)

7 More About Classes We have 3 classes p/1, 2/3/4 and 5/6(my class). We have 1 teacher for each class, who will teach us all day, except if we have special classes with other teaches. This terms topic is communication. We are learning about how technology works, and how we can communicate with others. We have been fiddling with batteries, wires, lights, buzzers and buttons and making these work, by connecting wire to batteries and light bulbs to that. It was very fun, though I could only make a light bulb light up!

8 Times Our school class time starts at 9:00am, but most people get to school at 8:45am and play, this means a teacher will have to be on duty to look after anyone who gets there early. Morning tea is at 11:00am- 11:30am. Lunch: 1:00pm-2:00pm and home time is at 3:30pm. A teacher is always on duty during these times, to make sure everyone is playing nicely.

9 Leaders We have a program called leadership teams, these are teams of people who have worked hard, behaved nicely and want to help our school. The teams are: Sport (I’m on here!) Fundraising Wellbeing Environment

10 Leadership teams There are 2-3 people in each team. There is 1 girl in grade 3 who is on a leadership team, 2 girls in grade 4 and 3 girls in grade 5 (soo many girls!). Then we have the captains and vice captains! Patrick and Jamison are the captains and Kyle S and ME are the vice captains. Your properly wondering what's the difference from captains and leadership teams? Well the captains go to meetings with other captains from Woady, we discuss how we can change our campuses to make them better.

11 Uniform Grade 6 tops! Jumper! Polo top! Shorts!

12 Photos

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