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The First Fleet !.

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1 The First Fleet !

2 Contents! What was the First Fleet? When did they leave?
Who was on the First Fleet? Deaths and Births Questions The Convicts Settlement The Different Ships

3 What was the first fleet?
The First Fleet is the name given to the 11 ships which sailed from Great Britain to Australia (back then known as New Holland) to establish the first European colony in New South Wales. They carried Convicts onboard the ships, they were sentenced to labor in Australia. Some would be there for 4 years others would be there for the rest of there life.

4 When did they leave? May 1787:The 11 ships left Portsmouth, England on Sunday 13 May 1787 under the command of Captain Arthur Phillip RN. June 1787: the first port of call was the town called Santa Cruz on the Cannery Islands. August1787: They reached Rio de Janeiro October 1787: They reached Cape of Good Hope, this was their final civilized port of call. January 1788: The Fleet finally reached Botany Bay, Australia. Captain Arthur Phillips

5 Who left and arrived? Embarked at Portsmouth
Officials and passengers: 15 Ships' crews: 323 Marines: 444 Marines wives and children: 46 Convicts (males): 582 Convicts (females): 193 Convicts' children: 14 Total embarked: 1420 Disembarked at Port Jackson Officials and passengers: 14 Ships' crews: 306 Marines: 245 Marines wives and children: 54 Convicts (males): 543 Convicts (females): 189 Convicts' children: 22 Total landed: 1373

6 Deaths and Births! Deaths:
69 people either died, were discharged or sometimes they were even deserted. 61 males 8 females. Births: During the entire Voyage there was 22 births in total. 13 males 9 females

7 Questions Q1. What was the maximum time a convict was sentenced to labor in Australia? Q2. In what month did they finally reach Botany Bay, Australia? Q3. What was the Total amount of people that embarked on the trip to Australia? Q4. How many females died on the way to Australia? Q5. How many births were there in total, on the way to Australia?

8 The Convicts! On the six ships that were carrying convicts, the total amount of convicts was approximately 775. Some convicts died on the way to Australia. There was also convicts kids on board these boats. Convicts were housed below decks on the prison deck and often further confined behind bars. In many cases the convicts were restrained in chains and were only allowed on deck for fresh air and exercise. Conditions were cramped and they slept in hammocks. The Convicts were made to work hard doing labor everyday, when they got to Australia. If they weren't doing what they were meant to be doing, the convicts would get lashes across there backs. Even up to 100 at one time.

9 Settlement! When the first fleet first arrived at Botany Bay they deemed it unsuitable for settlement. So they moved and settled at Port Jackson. Most of the convicts didn’t know how to farm. In the beginning everyone had to be on rationed food including Captain Phillip. They had very little building material, so shelter was a problem. The tools the government had given them, were really weak and got broken very easily. Once they started to get crops growing, buildings made, and villages formed they moved and settled in other places.

10 Convict Ships! Scarborough Friendship Charlotte Prince of Wales
Lady Penrhyn Alexander

11 The other 5 Ships! Sirius: A naval escort ship Supply:
Golden Grove These three ships were Store ships. Fishburn Borrowdale

12 Questions! Q1. How many convicts traveled to Australia?
Q2. How many kids did Mary Bryant Have? Q3. Where did they settle instead of Botany Bay? Q4. How many convict ships were there? Q5. Name the ships.

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