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Dr P. Raymond BEGG A.O. B.D.Sc., L.D.S.(Melb.), D.D.Sc., F.R.A.C.D.S., F.I.C.D., 13th October, 1898 - 18th January, 1983 Wayne J. Sampson School of Dentistry,

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Presentation on theme: "Dr P. Raymond BEGG A.O. B.D.Sc., L.D.S.(Melb.), D.D.Sc., F.R.A.C.D.S., F.I.C.D., 13th October, 1898 - 18th January, 1983 Wayne J. Sampson School of Dentistry,"— Presentation transcript:

1 Dr P. Raymond BEGG A.O. B.D.Sc., L.D.S.(Melb.), D.D.Sc., F.R.A.C.D.S., F.I.C.D., 13th October, 1898 - 18th January, 1983 Wayne J. Sampson School of Dentistry, The University of Adelaide

2 what is orthodontics? overview - aesthetics

3 what is orthodontics? overview - it often involves fixed appliances (braces) Begg ribbon arch bracketsTip-Edge

4 D.B. pre-treatment


6 D.B. Dr Begg’s appliance placed D.B. 5 months into treatment

7 D.B. Bands off

8 ….the magic of Dr Begg’s appliance!

9 Dr Begg’s Biographical Notes  born in a tent on the goldfields of Coolgardie, Western Australia,13th October, 1898  father, Percy William Begg was an accountant and business manager  mother, Fannie Elizabeth (nee Jacob)  both parents were English and “Tick” was the eldest of three surviving children  his paternal grandfather was an Orient line sea captain, first Lloyds Surveyor in Adelaide and co-founded the South Australian Stevedoring Company at Port Adelaide  although christened Raymond Percy he later signed his name as Percy Raymond


11 Biographical Notes  1909 – 1912 Pulteney Grammar School  1913 - 1917 St. Peter’s Collegiate College - excelled at sport (high jump record for 15 years) Adelaide Oval

12 Sixteenth Inter-Collegiate 1913 Dr Begg Howard Florey - of penicillin fame


14 Biographical Notes  when 20, he worked as a jackeroo on Boonoke sheep and cattle station, Southern Riverina NSW - a gap year? TB?  B.D.Sc. and L.D.S., Melbourne 1923 - was supposed to study medicine - no dental course yet in Adelaide; therefore, Melbourne - a strong desire to study orthodontics - a cousin, Dr Stanley Wilkinson and a nurse  studied with Edward H. Angle at the Angle School of Orthodontia, Pasadena, California, from March 1924 to October 1925

15 Melbourne Dental Hospital 1923

16 Edward Angle and Anna Hopkins Angle

17 Angle Society of Orthodontists 3 rd May,1925

18 Camping in the California hills

19 Biographical Notes  Edward H. Angle, Fred Ishii, and edgewise  Spencer Atkinson and mesial migration Spencer Atkinson

20 A skull showing typical tooth wear in ancient peoples

21 ….returning from Angle’s School

22 Biographical Notes  returned to Adelaide in 1925 - appointed lecturer in orthodontia in January, 1926 - commenced private practice - Honorary Dental Surgeon, Adelaide Hospital  treated non-extraction, expansion edgewise for two years  began re-treating with pre-molar extraction in 1928 (platinised,.020” round gold wire in 1929 )  married Evelyn (Nellie) Ellen Hamilton on the 26 th April, 1928 at St Andrews Church, Walkerville - Nellie played Linton Cup tennis

23 Biographical Notes  they had three children - Janet Elizabeth Solly (psychiatrist, Brisbane) - David Hamilton Begg (managed K.I. property) - Diana Hamilton Coates (married Lt.Gen. John Coates)  DDSc awarded by The University of Adelaide “Some aspects of the Etiology of Irregularity and Malocclusion of the teeth”  the Begg technique was evolving and in the early 1940’s he met Arthur J Wilcock, University of Melbourne, who developed high tensile stainless steel wire

24 Wilcock’s wire drawing machine

25 Biographical Notes  after the second world war he was involved in running sheep stations in South Australia - Mount Ive (near Lake Gairdner), Camelback (K.I.)

26 Biographical Notes  1954 published “Stone Age Man’s Dentition”  1956 published treatment with the Begg technique - world-wide interest  H.D. Kesling visited Adelaide in 1957 and the long association with TP began  1960 presented Begg treatment to the American Association of Orthodontists – a sensation!  the technique rapidly developed and the stage system was introduced for teaching  retired from the University of Adelaide as senior lecturer in 1963

27 Biographical Notes  he had tried titanium wires in 1954 but thought they were “too soft”  continued in private orthodontic practice and travelled to present the Begg appliance and treatment philosophy around the world - Verco Bldg. then Shell House - Alice Springs  Begg Societies were formed in America, Europe, Japan and Australia  the Begg journal published until 1969

28 Biographical Notes  permanent display established in 1964 at the Smithsonian Institute, Washington D.C.  published the Begg Technique text in 1965 - further editions in 1971 and 1977 - Spanish, French, Italian and Japanese  the glory days! Profuse lectures and courses - P. R. Begg, M. R. Sims and G. I. Brown - the Kesling & Rocke Center at La Porte Indiana  received the Albert H. Ketcham award in 1977

29 Biographical Notes  retired from private practice in 1980 - but registered another patent 1 month before he died  created Officer of the Order of Australia in 1981 for services to Humanity  died in Adelaide on the 18th January, 1983  permanent memorial established in 1986 at the Adelaide Dental Hospital  Named as one of 200 significant Australians in the bi-centennial celebrations in 1988

30 Biographical Notes  in 2001, the Begg Technique was listed among the top 100 Australian inventions of the 20 th century ( displayed at the Powerhouse Museum)  inducted into the Pierre Fauchard Hall of Fame in 2007 - the first Australian dentist to be honoured  Included in The Advertiser’s list of 150 South Australian heroes in 2008

31 Adelaide Dental Hospital 1986





36 Retirement Dinner 1981 Dr BeggMrs Begg

37 Dr Begg in 1982 Milton Sims Dr Begg Arthur Wilcock Jr. Arthur Wilcock Snr.

38 At Dr Begg’s last birthday in 1982 Peter Cheng Wayne Sampson Bill Weekes Dr Begg Raj Prasad Ronnie Wong John Jenner Fraser Gurling Milton Sims

39 Dr Begg’s orthodontic practice in Shell House

40 ….induction to the Pierre Fauchard Hall of Fame – 1 st June, 2007 Bill Winspear Diana Coates Lt.Gen. John Coates

41 Well done and thank you

42 Postscript  a nephew, Dr Malcolm Begg, is a rheumatologist - apparently, Dr Begg wanted him to be an orthodontist  Malcolm Begg Jr (Collie) is an orthopaedic surgeon  Malcolm Begg’s cousin, Alastair Begg, is a cardiologist All are practicing in Adelaide


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