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Marketing Distribution Products/ Financing Service Management

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1 Marketing Distribution Products/ Financing Service Management
Promotion Selling Marketing- Information Management Pricing

2 Determining the best methods and procedures to be used to prospective customers are able to locate, obtain and use the products and services of an organization Distribution

3 Products/Service Management
Assisting in the design and development of products and services that meet the needs of prospective customers. Products/Service Management

4 Direct, personal communications with prospective customers in order to assess needs and satisfy those needs with appropriate products and services. Selling

5 Marketing- Information Management
Obtaining, managing and using market information to improve decision-making and the performance of marketing activities. Marketing- Information Management

6 Budgeting for marketing activities, obtaining the necessary financing, and providing financial assistance to customers to assist them with purchasing the organization’s products and services. Financing

7 Establishing and communicating the value of products and services to prospective customers.

8 Communicating information to prospective customers through advertising and other promotional methods to encourage them to purchase the organization’s products and services. Promoting

9 Marketing is 7 basic steps of selling
a product or service. First you must distribute the product and make many copies of the item, then you design a way to promote the product. Next decided how you are going to sell it and then make decisions on how to market the product. Next you finance the product and price it. Now you promote it and get people to purchase your product.

10 References AutoShapes

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