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MEK 4450 Marine Operations Edit this text for your sub-title Presenter name, location, date etc. Kværner ASA / DNV, Fall 2012

2 Various Types of Platforms
Floating or bottom fixed Living quarters, storage, drilling, processing etc Foundation + topside

3 Installation Prepare for transport Tow to field Installation
Load-out, dry tow Transfer to floating condition, wet tow Tow to field Design of towing fleet Installation Transfer to “installation mode” Positioning (horizontal and vertical) Hook-up to mooring, set- down on sea floor etc. Installation of topside

4 Jacket fabrication Bilder

5 Load-out Bilder

6 Load-out Bilder


8 Transportation Bilder






14 Some challenges during launch and upending
Position and size of temporary buoyancy tanks Maximum forces at rocker beam Maximum depth during launch Structural loads due to hydrostatic pressure Bottom clearance Floating condition after launch Access to lifting arrangement Upending Structural loads Crane load Bottom clearances Proper upright position Ballasting of side legs

15 Jacket installation: crane lift

16 Jacket installation,- final phases
Jacket in upright position? Ballast in jacket legs Transit to set-down point. Several 100 meters Further ballasting and lowering by crane Landing Release crane On-bottom stability in temporary phase? Piling

17 Topside Bilder av Loadout og floatover Skidding or trailers

18 Topside

19 Float-over

20 Topside Bilde av Dry tow-out



23 GBS Bilder at GBS utslep og installasjon

24 Jack- up

25 Jack-up footings


27 Tension Leg Platform (TLP)
Platform with buoyant sub-structure Vertical strong and stiff mooring, high pre-tension Vertical motion arrested Large horizontal motions

28 TLP installation Lowering and piling of foundations
Tendon installation Tow-out of platform Hook-up and pre-tensioning

29 Types of floaters

30 Installation of mooring system

31 Tow-out and installation of floater

32 Tow-out and installation of floater

33 Tow-out and installation of floater

34 Mooring hook-up

35 Mooring hook-up Skisser

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