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Update to the 2014 Ministerial Notice changes to OS-HELP.

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1 Update to the 2014 Ministerial Notice changes to OS-HELP

2 Overview What’s changed? Key reporting issues HEIMS Online Reports HECS- HELP - how the proposed changes may impact on you Issues

3 Changes to OS-HELP includes postgraduate students remaining EFTSL reduced to 0.125 updated enrolment requirements loan amount increased for studying in Asia supplementary amount for language study

4 How is reporting affected ? New student status codes on element 490 241 - OS HELP for study in Asia 242 - OS HELP language study Update to the existing code: 240 - OS HELP for study in non-Asian countries

5 How is reporting affected? New data elements: 582 – OS-HELP language code 583 - OS-HELP Language study commencement date OS HELP (OS/RO) file structure updated

6 Any other changes? Minor changes to elements: 521 - OS-HELP study period commencement date 553 - OS-HELP country of study (primary) 554 - OS-HELP country of study (secondary) OS HELP scope document updated

7 Language study - Key Issues: what is an Asian country? language study is appropriate language study is on a non-award basis language study can be onshore/offshore two consecutive supplementary amounts

8 Validations – new system checks 2014 Maximum loan amounts: $6,250 - study in a non Asian country $7,500 - study in Asia Valid country codes for study in Asia Language study commencement date must be prior to study period commencement date

9 What else will HEIMS validate ? Relationship between OS-HELP language study and OS-HELP study in Asia - the commencement date of language study links to study in Asia loan - Exceptions: compliance and validation

10 HELP entitlement calculations A student can only have a maximum of two OS- HELP loans. Entitlement calculations will identify any student who has exceeded this limit. A language loan will only be invalidated if its related OS-HELP study in Asia loan is invalid.

11 HEIMS Online Reports OS-HELP Provider Summary Report

12 HEIMS Online Reports General Reports – OS HELP ASCED Report – OS HELP Country Report – OS HELP Language Study Report Compliance Reports Distribution Reports

13 Questions?

14 Proposed changes to HECS-HELP No new code for removal of HECS-HELP discount

15 Next HEPCAT release – Two additional changes in the next HEPCAT / HEIMS release are: – X is a valid code for student gender – ZZZZZZZZZZ is now a valid code for reporting Application & Offers data

16 OS-HELP information and contacts Asian Century/Legislation: Payment and estimates: Enquiries: Information:

17 Need more help? For all your data questions contact Tertiary Information Management and Analysis Section Telephone: (02) 6240 7487

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