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UNSW Co-op Program Developing students into young professionals.

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1 UNSW Co-op Program Developing students into young professionals

2 What is the UNSW Co-op Program? 2 Scholarships for high achieving students Leading co-operative education program Developing a ‘complete’ graduate –Programs structured in partnership between UNSW and industry and government executives –24 years of experience –Combines academic excellence with real work experience, leadership and professional development –Co-op scholars graduate with a professional ‘edge’ –Industry linked Scholarships in the fields of Business, Science, Engineering and Built Environment for outstanding year 12 students

3 Who are the scholars? Competitive selection process –Students are selected on the basis of academic excellence, demonstrated leadership and personal motivation –Rigorous interview process conducted by panels consisting of industry sponsors and UNSW staff 3 Sarah Wheeler Co-op Program: Mining Engineering Graduate Year: 2008 Graduate Position: Rio Tinto Steven D’Souza Co-op Program: Accounting Graduate Year: 2008 Graduate Position: Ernst & Young

4 Cost and benefit as a sponsor? 4 *NB: Terms and Conditions for Mining and Surveying and Spatial Information Systems vary. –Increase industry profile by contributing to the education and professional development of your industry’s talent pool –Opportunity to build partnership with UNSW and broaden access to graduates and alumni –The Program offers early access to exceptional students –Opportunity to evaluate scholars within professional environment and directly recruit Recruitmen t advantage –Longer work placements relative to summer internships enables more time to provide specific training advantageous to your organisation –Opportunity for scholars to develop deeper understanding of organisation and to assume greater responsibility Training opportunity –$17,000 pa* for the duration of the program (4-5 years), billed annually –9-18 months of high quality full-time resource with no addition to permanent head count or cost Cost efficiency Your company profile

5 Proven track record of success 5 *NB: Respondents could choose more than one option. Why our sponsors participate in the Program* How our sponsors value the Program Scholars who take on graduate positions with sponsors

6 How are sponsors involved? 6 Initial Candidate Selection Industrial Training Placements Recruitment & Networking Opportunity to offer highly challenging placements to talented scholars Sponsors are actively involved in the selection process via the interview Sponsors are involved in recruitment functions and networking opportunities with UNSW Co-op scholars and alumni Continuous Feedback Regular sponsor meetings are held to encourage feedback on the Program and course content

7 Built Environment –Architecture –Construction Management & Property Commerce –Accounting and Business Management –Actuarial Studies –Business Information Technology –Finance –Information Systems –Marketing Science –Materials Science & Engineering Engineering –Chemical Engineering –Civil Engineering –Computer Science –Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications –Industrial Chemistry –Mechanical Engineering –Mining Engineering –Petroleum Engineering 7 List of Programs & Sponsors UNSW Co-op ProgramsSelection of Current Sponsors

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