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Canoeing journeys - Glenelg 1 Glenelg River Paddling Journey Flat-water Canoe Journeying.

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1 Canoeing journeys - Glenelg 1 Glenelg River Paddling Journey Flat-water Canoe Journeying

2 Middle Years Programs - Aims To encourage the development of a sense of community within the year level group. To promote independence and strategies to cope, by encouraging students to move beyond their comfort zones. To stimulate a sense of adventure and gain awareness of our coastal environment – and enjoy this safely. 2

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4 Module A: 15-19 November Module B:22-26 November Meet at7.30am Bus Shelter Return 3.30pm Bus Shelter 4

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6 Rotations MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday Gp A – Travel to Gelnelg Camp at Nelson Kayak instruction then kayak to Laslett’s Walk to PMR Caves, return then canoe to Patterson’s Canoe to Wilson Hall Pack up and travel home For 3.30pm Gp B- Travel to Glenelg Camp at Wilson Hall Canoe instruction then canoe to Patterson’s Canoe to Laslett’s Walk to PMR caves Return to Laslett’s Kayak to Nelson Pack up and travel home fro 3.30pm 6

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8 8 MENUING: Students will be in a cooking group with their tent partner. Students will provide : 4x breakfast, 4x lunch, 4 dinner & 4 snacks Breakfast for : Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday Lunch for: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday (Monday is a cut lunch from Home) We will buy lunch Friday on way home. Dinner for: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Snacks : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

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10 10 BREAKFASTS: Cereals (Nutrigrain, cornflakes, just right….. etc) Long life milk 200ml (per person) Breakfast bars (1 is not adequate) Goulburn Valley fruits Up & Go Fruit (apples, oranges….etc) Porridge (Uncle Toby’s oats 2 per person)

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12 12 LUNCHES: BASE: Tortillas, Mt Bread, Vita Wheats, Cruskits, Corn Thins …etc TOPPINGS: Tuna, Salami, Tomato, Avocado, Cucumber, Cheese, Vegemite, Jam, Honey…. (no peanut butter)

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14 14 DINNERS: Heinz Tortellini Rice (Uncle Ben’s with sauce ) Gnocchi with sauce(from shelf) Continental Pasta packs Macaroni and cheese Indian tasty bite meals and cous cous Fresh vegies to add: mushrooms, onion, zucchini, carrot, capsicum, broccoli

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16 16 SNACKS: Chocolate (this may melt) Lollies (no single wrapped lollies) Fruit Muesli Bars BBQ shapes NO PEANUTS !!!!!!!!!

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18 18 CLOTHING AND EQUIPMENT Please double check that you have ALL the necessary gear. 1 shirts (for protection against sun eg. some long sleeves and collars) 2-3 T-shirt (no singlet tops please) 1 pairs of long trousers 2 jumpers - 1woollen if possible 4 pairs of socks 4 changes of underwear 2 pairs of shorts 1 pair of thermals 2 pairs of footwear eg. Sneakers or reef sandals for paddling (these must stay attached to your foot if you fall in!) and sneakers for around camp and walking. waterproof jacket – essential, japara type preferred sunhat - wide brim to protect neck and ears bathers chamois toilet requisites - soap (in container), toothbrush, toothpaste sun screen (15+) mosquito repellent (no aerosol cans) clothing for sleeping sleeping bag inner sheet (optional) sleeping mat or Thermarest – needs to fit inside small two man tent torch, spare globe and spare batteries knife, fork and spoon bowl, plate, mug – plastic or enamel water bottle - 2 litre minimum pencil/biro daypack (if you have one) 3 large orange garbage bags for pack waterproofing, 5 shoppng bags for wet clothes dishwashing kit (jex & tea towels )and cooking utensils for trangia stoves groundsheet to sit on, or sit mat

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