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The New KYOTOP Series Introducing the brand-new Advanced Ceramic Knife Series.

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1 The New KYOTOP Series Introducing the brand-new Advanced Ceramic Knife Series

2 The pattern of the blade which symbolizes KYOTOP Series represents “KARESANSUI,” a typical stone garden of Japan. KARESANSUI is, among various styles of Japanese gardens, a very artistic one which requires creativity and discipline. One of the most famous KARESANSUI-style gardens is of Ryoan-ji Temple in Kyoto, well-known as the “Rock Garden,” registered as the World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Introducing The New KYOTOP Series: Combining beauty with high technology KARESANSUI : One of traditional Japanese garden forms, established around the 9th Century. It reproduces natural landscapes in a more abstract way, by using rocks, stones, gravel and sand. This garden style is typically found in Zen monasteries, used for meditation. Innumerable line patterns drawn on the garden are called “sand ripples” which symbolize the ocean, wave or the flow of water. KARESANSUI calms the heart of visitors and brings new inspiration. More than a garden, it is a place that inspires deep introspection.

3 We proudly present the KYOTOP Series, the beautiful ceramic knives, the harmony of Japanese traditional beauty and the high technology of Kyocera.

4 KT-075-HIP-D Paring Knife (3.0” Blade) KT-110-HIP-D Utility Knife (4.5” Blade) KT-130-HIP-D Slicing Knife (5.0” Blade) KT-140-HIP-D Santoku Knife (5.5” Blade) KT-155-HIP-D Chef’s Knife (6.0” Blade) KT-300-HIP Sashimi Knife (8.25” Blade) Line up Professional Chefs like Ming Tsai insist on using high-quality, precision cutting tools like Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Products. You can see this Emmy Award-winning chef uses Kyocera products on his public television cooking show SIMPLY MING and in his nationally acclaimed restaurant, Blue Ginger.

5 Gentlemen's & Ladies' Folder Stunning Elegance Opal, well known as the stone of hope, is the lucky gem which brings joy to one’s heart. Its mysterious rainbow colors elevates one’s susceptibility and intuition, helps the love and romance come to reality.

6 Gentlemen's & Ladies' Folder Colored opal, which Kyocera originally developed, makes the Kyocera Folder an impressive piece. This beautiful colored opal is the result of resin impregnation technology. This “created opal” is already introduced and doing well in the Japanese market. Compared with natural opal, the quality is high and reliable even though the price is very inexpensive. Moreover, it can be cut in a complicated shape so even the most creative figures can be realized. The Kyocera Folder is not just luxurious, it’s functional. You will find that it can also be used as a money clip. Created Opal : it is a man-made gem which has exactly same component as the natural opal. It can be brought to life with the original technology of Kyocera.

7 PK-050-HIP-D WOODPK-050-HIP-D CARBON FIBER(Black) PK-050-HIP-D OPAL(Pink) PK-050-HIP-D OPAL(Blue) PK-050-HIP-D OPAL(Green) PK-050-HIP-D OPAL(Light Blue) PK-040-HIP-D CARBON FIBER(Black) PK-040-HIP-D OPAL(Blue) PK-040-HIP-D OPAL(Light Blue) PK-040-HIP-D OPAL(Pink)PK-040-HIP-D OPAL(Green) PK-040-HIP-D WOOD Line up Stunning The form which is a result of the pursuit in its utility from the ergonomic standpoint. And the nobility symbolized by the Karesansui pattern and the elegance created by the colored opal… Being ideal also for the collector, the Kyocera Folder, with its functionality and high-quality, makes an unforgettable gift as an incomparable, excellent gift.


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