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E-operators & accessories for industrial and residential overhead doors.

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1 e-operators & accessories for industrial and residential overhead doors

2 Residential (garage) door opener (GDO) Industrial (commercial) door opener (CDO) Accessories products (sensors etc.)

3 Added service to customers “One-stop shop” Optimize logistic cost, transport Integrated products Minimize number of suppliers Increase volume  improve conditions RES or IND hardware sets with operator

4 garage door operators Chamberlain Liftmaster Professional

5 Part of The Chamberlain Group, Inc. Largest manufacturer in the world Production in Mexico and China Reputation for reliable product Private label producer Full program

6 LM60K DC, 600N chain LM60R DC, 600N belt LM1000A DC, 1000N chain or belt 5580 AC, 800N chain

7 LM60K, LM60R K = chain drive, R = belt drive 1-box product, incl draw-bar 600 Newton 1 x mini remote included (3 ch, 433 MHz.) wireless push button incl. (LM60R only) 4 piece. C-rail, max. door h=230 cm. 24V DC motor Recommended max door size 10.7m2

8 LM1000A Elite series, top end Separate rail: chain or belt/1 or 3 pc Newton 2 x mini remote controls included (3 ch.) Multifunctional wall control Auto close function Recommended max door size 13.5m2

9 5580 Unique: 230V AC motor Separate rail: chain 800 Newton 2x mini remote included (3 ch.) Push button included Recommended door size: 13.5m2

10 Draw-bars for LM1000 and 5580 Sets of rails: Chain in different lengths: 7XXXCR3 1-piece or 4-piece: 70XXCR3 or 74XXCR3 Door heights: 7023CR3, 7025CR3, 7030CR3 Belt in different lengths: 8XXXCR3 1-piece or 4-piece: 80XXCR3 or 84XXCR3 Door heights: 8023CR3, 8025CR3, 8030CR3

11 Radio Controls 94330E remote control 433 MHz., rolling code 94335E 3 channel mini remote control 9747E illuminated wireless keypad 433 MHz. 8002E universal 2-channel receiver Key Switches 760E light duty, flush mount heavy duty, surface mount Safety 1702E outside disconnect kit 770E infra red photocells, ‘The Protector System’

12 LM3800 jack shaft operator Doors <17m2, 380kg Complete package incl. remotes and IR Electrical Power Lock Light industrial doors, heavy garage doors Cost effective Battery back-up available ITTR testing in Dec’08 in FF

13 All product in E-catalogue online Manuals available in languages Products on stock in FF: NL, HU, ES, IT, PL After sales through FlexiForce Contact your sales team for details Training mechanics: in-house or in FF

14 industrial door operators Mtec Antriebe

15 Founded in 2005 Experienced owners Dedicated to CDO’s 60 employees Product power!

16 FlexiForce Mtec Operator kits for sectional doors Motor Release mechanism Control Limit switch Push button station CEE plug Wiring

17 Motor specifications 3x 230/400V/50Hz.: 0,24kW or 0,37kW 50, 100 or 140 Nm <16m2: 50 or 100 >16m2: 100 or 140 Duty cycles 60% 17, 20 or 24 rpm’s Standard shaft 25.4mm = 1” Hanging or standing installation

18 Release mechanism: Hand crank (KU) Price, neat and safe Quick release (ER) Quick, safe, sometimes the law Chain release (KE) Easy to use

19 Controls: FU = frequency converter, top of line UST2 Simple and cheap Open on impulse, close on dead man UST 1KL LED indication for malfunctions Modular extensions thru plug-in boards Integrated cycle counters 3 potential free contacts

20 Limit switches: Mechanical Price Tradition Electrical Easier to set Work from the floor

21 Explanation of product codes:

22 Accessories: UST1-K5: service logic for UST-1KL SKS130-RES7: upgrade kit to automatic use including junction box w/ cable and plug, SBA sensor, spiral cord, set of OSE sensors

23 FlexiForce pre-selected KITS: Deadman-Kits: UST2L (deadman) + SDL + mechanical limits Automatic-Kits: UST2L (auto) + SDL/SWL + digital limits Automatic-Kits-Comfort: UST 1KL, SDL/SWL + digital limits + K3, K5 etc. Comfort-Kits: UST1FU frequency converter + SDL/SWL

24 Operator + accessories on door

25 All product in E-catalogue online Manuals available in languages Products on stock in FF: NL, HU, ES, IT, CN After sales through FlexiForce Contact your sales team for details Training mechanics: in-house or in FF

26 safety edge and sensor products

27 Optosensors SIGNAL Junction boxes LAD2 Spiral cords Bumpers MAS-1 and MAS-E Light curtain SG14 Infrared sensor PIR20 Motion detector Herkules 2

28 Telco SafeGuard light curtain With learning blanking function Easy installation “fit and forget” SG active height of 2535mm

29 Telco SafeGuard light curtain Sturdy and durable, black anodised aluminium Sealing class of IP54 Slim line design - 10 x 28 mm Side mounting, back rail mounting

30 More information? Contact your sales team or visit:

31 thanks for your attention

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