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Office for Research What ECR’s need to know about OR Daina Garklavs Deputy Director Office for Research N54 1.24 Nathan Room 3.58 G39 Gold Coast (most.

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1 Office for Research What ECR’s need to know about OR Daina Garklavs Deputy Director Office for Research N54 1.24 Nathan Room 3.58 G39 Gold Coast (most Wednesdays) Phone: 57380/27800

2 Office for Research Office for Research – Our Role  The Office for Research provides research services and research quality development and support. We are guided by Griffith’s Research Plan 2009-2013 and work closely with academic colleagues and senior managers to address strategic priorities in research across the University. Our services cover a broad range of areas:  Research Grants  Human and Animal Ethics  Research Integrity  Research Policy  Research Performance data and reporting  Research Development  Research Centres  Excellence in Research for Australia

3 Office for Research Which office handles my external research funding? Office for Research  Australian Competitive Grants or competitive granting schemes inc. international competitive grants, grants from a registered charitable organisations, where there is a project and a contract  Jointly funded Chairs or other research positions  Project determined by researcher  Peer review assessment process  IP is owned by the University  Academic publication outputs  Externally funded scholarships as negotiated with GGRS Griffith Enterprise  Consultancies whether by tender or developed in conjunction with client inc. fee for service projects inc. training services  Contract research  Entrepreneurial ventures (non research and training but including commercialisation of research products)  Business grants such as R&D START, BIF, COMET, pre-seed funding  Projects determined by the client  IP owned by the client  Reports produced for client

4 Research Centres  Information on Griffith’s 38 Research Centres can be found at: »  About 70% of academic staff are members of a Research Centre.  They provide: »Mentoring, access to peer review and career development advice »Opportunities for research collaboration »Access to research networks and industry contacts »Small amounts of support, eg conference attendance, seed funding »Social activities  If you’re not a member of a Centre, you should: »Look at the web site to find out more »Find one that complements your research expertise »Contact the Director to discuss opportunities and how your research might contribute »If you join a Centre make sure you complete a membership form and send it O R Office for Research

5 OR Support for Research Centres  Contact person is Mary Meadowcroft ext 55129  Our role is to: »Maintain Research Centre membership records »Provide secretariat support to Research Centre review committees »Provide advice on the Research Centres Policy »Provide advice to the DVCR on the funding to be allocated to Centres Office for Research

6 Support for Research  The DVCR through the Research Committee provides first stage research support through a number of internal competitive schemes: »Griffith University Research Grants »New Researcher Grants »GU Industry Collaborative Scheme »International Fellowships »Visiting Fellowships »Griffith University Postdoctoral and Research Fellowships »Encouragement Grants »Griffith University/James Cook University Collaborative Grants »Griffith University Research Infrastructure Program »Matching funds  Information can be found at: »  Advice about these can be obtained from the Internal Research Grants Officer in OR. Office for Research

7 OR Support Services  Grants Management: »Advertise grant funding opportunities in Griffith News Online »Maintain grant funding opportunities & information on our website » »Organisation and delivery of Grant seminars »All grant applications to be submitted through OR »Liaise with granting agencies »Provide advice to applicants on the eligibility and quality of grant applications »Processing of grant contracts/agreements (Please note never sign a grant application or agreement yourself. If you do you may not be protected by the University.) »Post award management of grant s Office for Research

8 Research Development Team  Each Academic Group has an RDO assigned to provide support for large-scale, multi-disciplinary, strategic research activities, eg Centre of Excellence proposals  Coordination and/or writing of large scale projects and development of strategic relationships  Contact : Manager Research Development - Dr Graham Wise x57752 Office for Research

9 Policy, Ethics & ERA Team Analysis of higher education research policy issues and their impact on Griffith University; Provision of evidence-based policy advice to Griffith's senior executive; Provision of University responses to major research policy consultation papers; Coordination of compliance reporting for Griffith including HERDC, ERA, SRE etc.; Strategic planning and reporting (including Annual Report, VC's reports to Council etc.); Benchmarking research performance and provision of performance data for groups, schools, centres and for research Areas of Strategic Investment. Office for Research

10 Ethics Approval  All research involving human or animal subjects requires approval by either the Human Research Ethics Committee or Animal Research Ethics Committee.   Griffith has an on-line approval process where we try expedite approval, subject to the level of risk involved in the project  Human Ethics queries: »Chris Rose’Meyer ext 27227 or  Animal Ethics queries: »David Rounsevell ext 56618 or Office for Research

11 Excellence in Research for Australia - ERA  Unlike RQF, ERA is a number crunching exercise that doesn’t require a lot of input from academic staff  My Research Publications is Griffith’s on-line system for collecting data on publications  You may enter your publications at any time  Those here during 2009 can input 2009 publications now through the Griffith Portal  Publications will be used for both ERA and HERDC submissions  ERA Contact: »Deputy Director, Policy, Ethics & ERA »Tony Sheil ext 54278 Office for Research

12 Where you can find OR @ Gold Coast  Gold Coast - Level 3 G39 Science, Architecture & Engineering – new building next to undercover car park  Staffed by: »Director OR – Dr Vicki Pattemore (Thursday & Friday) »Dep Director – Daina Garklavs (Wednesday) »Assoc Director – Tony Sheil (Tuesday) »Manager Research Development – Graham Wise (Monday) »Team Leader Research Grants – Kath Murrie-Jones (29107) »Research Grants Officer (H&M) – Danielle Newman (29106) »Human Ethics Officer – Chris Rose’Meyer (27227) »Ethics Support Officer – Julia Newman (27226)  Nathan – Levels 1 & 2 N54 Bray Centre Office for Research

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