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Art of Ageing Pyrenees Shire Council 5 Lawrence Street, Beaufort Phone: 5349 1100 Web: Sue.

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1 Art of Ageing Pyrenees Shire Council 5 Lawrence Street, Beaufort Phone: 5349 1100 Email: Web: Sue O’Brien Manager, Community Well Being

2 The Pyrenees Shire Population: 6, 669 Households: 3,500 Rateable properties: 5,880 Area: 3,500 sq kms No. of Ridings: 5 No. of Councillors: 5 No. of Staff (EFT’s):75 Our Vision The Pyrenees Shire will be a healthy, vibrant, prosperous and connected community. Council will achieve our vision and meet communities needs through LEADERSHIP AND PARTNERSHIP Total Revenue:43.0m 2011/12 ($17M flood income) Rates & charges revenue:$6.9M 2011/12

3 The Pyrenees Shire The Pyrenees Shire is located in the Central West of Victoria. It sits naturally between Ballarat, Ararat, Maryborough and St. Arnaud. The Shire is serviced by the Western, Sunraysia, Pyrenees & Glenelg Highways and is a comfortable two hour drive from Melbourne, Victoria’s capital city.

4 Sue O’Brien Manager, Community Well Being Pyrenees Shire Council 5 – 7 Lawrence Street Beaufort VIC 3373 Phone: 0438 019 042 Area of responsibility: HACC M&CH Family Daycare Youth Community Planning Municipal Recovery Officer

5 Art of Ageing Funding coincided with LEAP project –The Localities Enhancing Arts Participation (LEAP) program encourages greater social engagement through arts and cultural activities. –Made the decision to integrate the two programs to achieve long term sustainability. –This was supported by evidence – demographics and U3A survey.

6 Consultation Outcome Singing group, Writing group, Craft slam, Touring shows Positive ageing calendar and exhibition. The Project Reference Group (PRG) formed supported by a Project Facilitator contracted from the LEAP funding. A Sub Committee was formed for each activity

7 Spring Into Singing The first touring show booked is “The Empty Chair” written and performed by Alan Hopgood. The Art of Ageing singing workshops continue into 2013. 30 participant’s now sing in the group. Numbers attending have steadily grown from the ten original participants and all are new to singing. The group has now given two public performances.

8 One River writing project Since November 2012 the Art of Ageing Writing Group has explored different styles of writing. Now, the group has the opportunity to be involved in a writing project that is part of the Centenary of Canberra celebrations. The writing group has applied for, and been accepted to, the One River project that involves communities in the Murray/Darling Basin (which includes several Pyrenees towns).

9 Autumn of Arts The major event of the Art of Ageing will be Autumn of Arts, a ten day celebration of Seniors arts perticipation in the Pyrenees Shire. The programme will include performances from the Spring into Singing Choir, readings from the One River Project, The Pyrenees Craft Slam, documentary screenings, outdoor concerts, professional theatre productions and the Portrait of the Older Artist photographic exhibition.

10 Pyrenees Craft Slam The Craft Slam will offer craft workshops, demonstrations and stalls. The major activity will be the community wide craft activity TWEET. TWEET is a community arts project that will see hundreds of handmade birds flock to various locations around the Pyrenees Shire engaging and networking community members across the region as part of the Pyrenees Craft Slam.

11 Other Outcomes U3A strengthened through an active partnership. Existing Arts groups seeking to understand the needs of Seniors. Budget allocation for Halls upgrade to cater for touring shows. Touring shows booking systems tested and streamlined. Existing and new groups and individuals educated to plan and run events under Councils event management guidelines.

12 What's planned Discussion of other U3A’s Great Debate – How does creativity impact on Ageing. Formation of an overarching Arts body to facilitate the ongoing development of the Arts in the Pyrenees.

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