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Professional Development for Tribunal Members Pam O’Connor Monash University.

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1 Professional Development for Tribunal Members Pam O’Connor Monash University

2 Then and Now: The growing emphasis on PD Tradition and change –Merits review tribunals – diversity of membership –merit-based appointments –Tribunal amalgamation & member mobility –performance management –User service charters

3 Training needs analysis AAT Training needs analysis 1992 ARC Better Decisions report 39, 1995, para 4.12 COAT Training needs assessment 2004 JSB Training Needs Analysis 1997 and Competence Framework 2002

4 ARC report 39 (1995) Understanding of merits review and its place in public admin Knowledge of admin review principles Analytical skills Personal skills and attributes Communication skills

5 JSB (UK) Competence framework 2002 competences and performance indicators for chairs and members in areas of –law and procedure –equal treatment –communication –conduct of hearing –evidence –decision-making

6 COAT Training needs assessment 2004 (L Armytage) Recommended: 1) COAT to conduct a comprehensive TNA (2) development of integrated training strategy with objectives, annual plans, priorities, policies and standards (3) training for trainers

7 JSB framework for tribunals training TNA completed 1997 Competence framework 2002 Standards for training and PD 2003 Principles and guidance for appraisal 2003 Guidance on mentoring 2004 Induction framework 2005 Evaluation of training, mentoring and appraisal 2006

8 How is PD to be provided? ALRC Rep no 89 Managing Justice Training should be based on common needs and skills set noted “need for greater comprehensiveness, coherence and coordination’

9 Growth of generic PD AIJA Tribunals conference began 1998 COAT founded in 2002 with objects inc. ‘to provide training and support for members of Tribunals’ Judicial College of Victoria responsible for programs for members of Vic tribunals as well as judicial officers

10 Role of COAT in generic PD COAT Chapters’ annual conferences COAT advertises PD courses on its website COAT Practice Manual intended to support training Online induction course planned

11 National standard or benchmark National Standard for PD for Australian Judicial Officers (NJCA, 2004) 5 days PD per year for all judicial officers May be self-directed learning Some court release required Newly appointed officers should be able to attend a 5 day national residential induction program in first 18 months.

12 A national standard for tribunals on NJCA model? Obligation to provide/participate in PD Statement to government about the need to provide funding for PD Standards as to time spent in PD for new members and all members Curriculum guidelines Who should specify and deliver the PD

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