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Master Series - IV Divisional development and review Summary Grand developmental divisions of the chakras, short techniques and checklist (38 Slides) Norman.

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1 Master Series - IV Divisional development and review Summary Grand developmental divisions of the chakras, short techniques and checklist (38 Slides) Norman Christopher Valleĵo Copyright © 2014

2 Most of what you require to advance to your liking has already been explained up until this point. What you wish to accomplish from there is going to depend upon the amount of time you invest into that endeavour and also how bold you are going to have to be in terms of either sacrifice or lifestyle. Master Series - IV

3 If you want to ‘make it’ energetically, you will have to be gauging very closely the following: Load You must become sensitive to high / low energy states under load. Be able to tell the difference between pushing a load and going backward. Personal universe Observe your close family and situation and see where you are affecting and what you need / choose to hold as a responsibility. Attainments Feel a level of attainment and know that you are commanding more power, confidence and achieving mind over universe. Leverage Know how much it takes to move / hold something and how to adjust your pivot-point in a situation. Ratio Understand the intensity of productive gain via spiritual work in terms of spiritual / material ratio. Direction Understand that your intent will build momentum in a direction and therefore it will take energy to turn around or change. Sacrifice Be clear about exactly what the spirit is telling you with regard to what you must sacrifice in order your intent actualise. Reflection Be able to agree with what the universe is reflecting back to you in your situation as the correct interpretation of your life. Interference Be quite clear that other people and intents will be trying to affect you and put you off by confusing indications and dominating you at all levels. Master Series - IV

4 The more you begin to connect with the universe and open your spiritual channels, the more information you will receive and if clear enough, that can amount to huge amounts of knowledge unknown to the mainstream populous. A few subjects will be discussed further: Master Series - IV

5 Fear

6 Fear can be traced to three levels. Fear Warrior states: “Fear, 6-3-1 alignment” Find level and eradicate. Aiding / sensing someone at this level Parasite at appropriate level Circumstance is depleting appropriate level Business loadings and other depleting appropriate level Mortal fear Supernatural fear Physical fear Master Series - IV

7 3 rd level Fear: Mind experiences rational fear of dying, mortality issues and lack of ability to master circumstance. Mental attacks and attacks on your confidence. Mortal fear 6 th level Fear: Sees higher level concepts of fear like fear of black magic, God and the Devil. Basically ‘Spooky fear’ and fear of the supernatural. Supernatural fear 1 st Level Fear: Self experiences insecurities of living such as material insecurity, not being able to meet expenses and debt. Physical attacks. Physical fear Master Series - IV

8 The first thing that will appear in any negative situation is Fear. It is a part of the physical world and you can use it to spur you on and to keep you vigilante. Fear is often the result of not being ready. Warriors are at war every moment of their existence. They base their life on the possibility that the next moment may be their last and so everything is done with some kind of purpose, whether that be in the short-term ‘now’, or the long-term task. Master Series - IV

9 If you have just been told bad news or you are reacting to a dire situation, then chances are, you are not in control of your circumstance. That will equate to knowing what resources you have or ammunition and what your plan is to deal with the situation i.e. what position are you in? This leads to the warrior’s life which entails building the knowledge of all of your assets, resources, power, situation and defenses. No-one can prevent the physical arena from impinging upon The Self however, that is precisely what you must attempt to do as a warrior. Master Series - IV

10 In the worst of cases, try and adopt the warrior’s pose and retreat into a battle position, quiet and peaceful. You will make better decisions and prevent yourself from reacting to spontaneous problematic solutions…trust yourself and The Great Spirit. Everyone has their battles, no matter who they are or how old they are. We all meet in the end and all have our own story to tell. Master Series - IV

11 Remember, keep yourself tight. Fear ‘grabs’, it must have something to cling to. Fear Find out where / what you are losing energy to. Master Series - IV

12 The Warrior’s groupings Master Series - IV

13 Breathing, metabolism Thinking Strength, health, vitality We can divide the chakras into three useful groups. Many problems can be isolated and eradicated within these three. Warrior’s groupings Master Series - IV

14 Breathing, metabolism Thinking Strength, health, vitality We are often deficient depending upon our condition. Warrior’s groupings If you don’t think well you’ll want this. If you’re emotional, you’ll want this. If you’re too intellectual, you’ll want this. Master Series - IV

15 Sweeping the field Master Series - IV

16 Focus on a chakra area and assume dense black junk there. Use your main power current as a pathway and breath in negative energy. Breath it out. Field sweeping One of the most efficient and common techniques you will use is vacuuming your field. Once your field is in check, it is constantly being bombarded with all sorts of negativities: negative impressions, physical energies, mal-aligned intent, parasitic connections etc. Negative energies then build up and we can use breathing ‘on the spot’ to remove them. Master Series - IV

17 If it doesn’t work, then you are being depleted faster than you are able to clear i.e. need to review all Warrior’s checks again. Field sweeping Once you are at a proficient level, this is nearly all you will need to keep things in check. Master Series - IV

18 Regenerating the field Master Series - IV

19 Depending upon how powerful and clear you are will depend upon how fast and intense the healing will occur. Field regeneration A sister counterpart of sweeping is regenerating your field. We can use breathing ‘on the spot’ to regenerate any area. Focus on an area, organ or problem and inject gold energy via breathing and drawing in energy rays. Master Series - IV

20 Initiate must feel and understand colour / energy. ‘Thinking’ colour only makes Yellow. Field regeneration Power is attained by meditation which earns power- right over period needed to stress / relax system and learn lessons of karma. Initiate spends years practising and so is a life-time achievement. Connection to Guides and meditation breeds familiarity with colour and energy rays. Example 1 hour meditation: Master Series - IV

21 Most techniques then are practised over a long period of time in meditation including Field Sweeping. The initiate then earns knowledge and power and those things are compressed i.e. what took 1 hour can now be done in seconds. Physical gives way to mental or spiritualist masters physical. Mind over matter. Master Series - IV

22 Spiritualist able to impart energy firstly in proximity, then from a distance. Power becomes progressively more of a thought. Master Series - IV

23 Field regeneration Seven chakra meditations Examples: 3 Breaths each (Basic meditation) 3 Breaths, 3 times each 7 Breaths each 7 Breaths, 3 times each Longer meditations therefore require more discipline and care concerning how deep one goes into issues, power and healing. Master Series - IV

24 Very contracting, silent, withdrawn, like intensified Indigo. Dense, grounding, very Earth like, largeness. Even, small, partitioned. Super-light, framework like, ‘nothing but something’ feeling. Piercing, clear, high, regenerative. Very even and open, whole, all. Electric, charge, metallic, thunderstorm. Stationary, still, unnoticeable but present. Clear, high, active, fast. Operation, function, work. General feeling of colour / energy Violet Indigo Blue Green Yellow Orange Red Brown Grey Black Clear Gold White Copper Platinum Silver Pink Spiritual, value, assessive, patient. Very focused, powerful, deep. Constructive, build, make, order. Lush, life-bright, optimistic. Self-power and projection, clarity. Daring, play, desirous, fun without cause. High charge, energises close to the physical, immediate. Master Series - IV

25 The chakras need their natural energy to function correctly and more so when one is healing or clearing. When they are open and unaffected, they naturally entrain the correct energy. A basic meditation then is a good starting point. Field regeneration Example basic meditation: Master Series - IV

26 Greater advances can be made by combining or introducing more colours such as a regenerative alignment using gold. Field regeneration Augmented regenerative meditation: Tangibility Punctuality Treasury Regeneration Deflection Celebration Amplification Master Series - IV

27 As power increases, more chakras can be done at the same time i.e. 2 then 3, 4, 5, 6 and finally 7. Field regeneration By 2’s: Master Series - IV

28 Field regeneration All: Master Series - IV

29 Field regeneration When you do clear / release, it will ‘drop’ like a dam bursting. Each chakra is very important in their own way and you will find that without certain energies, nothing can happen. For instance, channelling psychic ability or supernatural power will be ineffectual unless your heart level is ‘in’. You can for instance build great conceptual potential power in the higher chakras, but until you clear the heart level or release to a charity that involves it, you will not be able to ground that energy. Master Series - IV

30 Field regeneration Grounds out Master Series - IV

31 Field regeneration All one has to be careful of, as so many spiritual teachings warn, is that to indulge in the Lower Quaternary will lead downward across lifetimes. Those without spiritual aspiration or yearning for higher knowledge become victims of the lower-self indulging in it lifetime after lifetime eventually becoming derelict and worst still, soulless. The lower four levels are classed the Lower Quaternary. These are distinct from the upper or Higher Triad. When a person is ‘in’ concerning their whole life or feeling that everything is going well on all levels as a human experiencing a good life, the four lower levels are aligned and operating to affect the life path for maximum experience. Master Series - IV

32 Societal complete development Spiritual conceptual Personal universe is life responsive. Active involvement Subject is grounding a conceptual reality based upon Earthly experiences and interactions being transported firstly upward, modified then downward and actualised. Master Series - IV

33 Normal human development Spiritual conceptual Super-normal development Initiate inevitabilities: Spiritual progress invariably realises the Grand segments of human spiritual development. Era groupings Master Series - IV

34 Warrior’s checks Master Series - IV

35 Evolution is an 8 stage process involving the exchange of energy between internal and external reality. Basics of Development Load Universal help Self help Master Series - IV

36 Address Chakra chords Maintain 7 th level orb Maintain 1 st level Earth Sweep field Regenerate field Karmic generation Recapitulation Maintain intent Primary intent

37 As your energy and power increases, this is going to become very important as is your sensitivity to changes in it. JanuaryFebruaryMarchApril? … Losing energy too far in advance Master Series - IV

38 Norman Christopher Valleĵo Independent researcher and analyst

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