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Enerjetic: Phone: + 61 9038 8860 | 61 431 221 002 Enerjetic Investing in a future energy platform.

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1 Enerjetic: Phone: | Enerjetic Investing in a future energy platform.

2 Enerjetic: Phone: | David Fenlon CEO of Enerjetic

3 Enerjetic: Phone: | Daniel Brewer – CTO of Enerjetic

4 Enerjetic: Phone: | Who are we? Enerjetic is an online Energy Reporting Solution – a part of The Sentric Group The Sentric Group – is an IT Consultancy that builds online business portals and develops online markets We have delivered major portals for Education, Health, Banking, Defense, Utilities and the Energy Industry Enerjetic delivers reporting capabilities for assessing energy inputs and outputs to improve business decisions and sustainable operations Enerjetic is used to assess investment options and design outcomes for sustainable business through data analysis We define and deliver value through Business Intelligence

5 Enerjetic: Phone: | Enerjetic in more depth… We work through 4 key market sectors: 1.Residential 2.Local Government 3.Corporate Business 4.Government (Regulators) Own a major Solar Reporting Network We work with Major Programs of Work in Infrastructure, Government and Private Industry We improve investment strategies and project outcomes with Business Intelligence

6 Enerjetic: Phone: | The Sentric Group in more depth.. Sentric is 40 people, located in Melbourne and Buenos Aires Specialist consulting for Energy, Utilities and Engineering Strong focus on “Smart” industries and Technology Convergence Chair for Smart-Grid Data User Group (Asia Pacific) System Design and Delivery of Major Business Portals National Portal for the Australian Defense Force Supply Chain Solution for Australia’s National Blood Supply Agency Defined the IT Smart-Road Strategy for Vic Defined ICT and Network Asset Strategy for Singapore Power (Australia) Currently - delivering the largest Education Portal in Asia Pacific - online tools for all students in Australia

7 Enerjetic: Phone: | Why are we here? To improve the energy outcomes through the use of data, technology and reporting services for major projects and services To Work with business and governments in partnership to quantify energy costing and solutions for policy To Identify innovation and options for infrastructure design, sourcing and service delivery (from energy analysis) To Improve the collaboration and generation of energy solutions between our countries

8 Enerjetic: Phone: | Who would we love to talk to? Government agencies responsible for sustainability frameworks, projects and delivery programs Government regulators who manage policy for energy and corporate markets Sustainability managers in corporations and project consortiums Engineers and finance people who use data for projects, research and to manage operations Project bid teams who cost, model and report on energy inputs and outputs

9 Enerjetic: Phone: | How do we add value? By offering a reporting solution that is easy to engage with and use By using our experience with energy data through four major markets By bringing our experience with Government, Engineering and Infrastructure By identifying options for investment and project delivery to reduce negative impacts and improve outcomes By helping to get project and investment approvals and meet compliance targets through Business Intelligence

10 Enerjetic: Phone: | Why is Enerjetic different? We do more than provide Business Intelligence about Energy We are building a community energy portal for Australian Families and their Local Governments ( We are providing a wider context of how energy is used in the Household and Community Corporate Business and Federal Government are watching with interest..

11 Enerjetic: Phone: | Enerjetic People Juan Garcia, Latin America Manager Juan is building our business in Latin America. Juan wants to share our value proposition with business and government across Latin America. David Fenlon, Chairman David is leading our strategy and turning it into commercial reality in Australia, Asia and Latin America. Graciela Ramon Michel, Public Relations Manager Graciela is delivering our message our customers and partners and reinforcing our commitment to sustainable business. Daniel Brewer Founder & Chief Technology Officer Daniel leads the technology base for Enerjetic.

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