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High Performance Concrete

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1 High Performance Concrete
Ken Day

2 High Performance Concrete
Concrete may be regarded as high performance for several different reasons: high strength, high workability high durability – and perhaps also improved visual appearance.

3 High Performance Concrete
High strength concrete (HSC) might be regarded as concrete with a strength in excess of 60MPa and such concrete can be produced as relatively normal concrete with a higher cement content and a normal water-reducing admixture. However ultra high performance concrete (UHPC) will more usually contain cement replacement materials and a high-range water-reducer (HRWR) or superplasticiser(SP) (different names for the same thing).

4 Ultra High Strength Concrete
How High? Strengths of MPa were reported in several papers at a recent symposium How is it done? Using only fine sand as an aggregate, a high content of cement and silica fume, a high dosage of HRWR admixture plus steel fibres

5 Ultra High Strength Concrete
In what kind of structures? Thin shell roofing (2cm thick) and “bulb” double and single tees were reported Both insitu and precast applications Flexural and tensile strengths also high, allowing omission of secondary reinft. Concrete in tees was generally self- compacting



8 Self-Compacting Concrete
Ken Day

9 The Important Properties
Self-compactability Avoidance of bleeding and segregation Low shrinkage Low permeability Strength as needed

10 The Benefits Less dependent on skill on site
Safer, quieter sites (no vibration) Better appearance Better durability Strength as needed

11 What’s Different? Segregation resistance from mortar viscosity, not aggregate grading Workability through admixtures, not water content

12 What’s The Snag? Higher cost – especially if high strength not needed
Plant control has to be better

13 Will it happen? My guess is that 50% of concrete will be self-compacting within 10 years In USA a very large proportion of precast concrete is already SCC

14 What is the secret? Paste Viscosity! Attained by one of three means:
High cement content High content of Fly Ash, Silica Fume etc Use of Viscosity Modifying Admixture Plus low water content using HRWR

15 How to Check Suitability?
There are many new tests: V-funnel, L-box, U-box, Fill-box, Orimet, GTM Screen + Slump Flow and J-ring While several of these may be used in mix development, only the latter will find site use

16 What is Slump Flow Test? Measuring spread rather than height plus:
Speed of flow outwards Ability to pass through J-ring Observation of edge during flow Interesting to note that it works better with the cone upside down!


18 Why Does It Look Better? Perfect compaction No bleeding

19 Conclusion We are going to expect concrete that is a little more expensive per cubic metre to buy BUT It will require less skill and effort to place It will look better with no appearance defects It will be more durable It will require more skill at the batching plant

20 I leave you with a look at my website:


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