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Overview of Campaign Federal government program Aims to raise awareness of health behaviours by showing people how they can achieve significant health.

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2 Overview of Campaign Federal government program Aims to raise awareness of health behaviours by showing people how they can achieve significant health gains by making small changes to their daily routine. The focus is on not stopping the activities people enjoy but by swapping them for healthier alternatives. For example, riding instead of driving and swapping larger meals for smaller meals. This health promotion campaign aims to empower individuals to modify their poor lifestyle behaviours to reduce the risk of chronic disease through various forms of media such as print (posters, on shopping trolleys), radio and television. It focuses on the link between waistline measurement and the development of chronic disease. Paper measuring tapes, weekly planners and information brochures are available resources to assist Australians. Physical activity and healthy eating are encouraged to help reduce waistline measurements and chronic disease in Australia.

3 Campaign messages Healthy eating and getting active can help you lost centimetres and prevent or delay the onset of chronic disease. The accumulation of small everyday changes can help to get you on your way to a healthier lifestyle; without losing all the things you love. You don’t have to stop it, just swap it.

4 Why do we need the program? In 2007-08, the proportion of Australian adults who were overweight or obese had grown to 61%, up from 56% in 1995. We now know that an increased waistline is an indicator of an increased risk of developing: – Type 2 diabetes – Heart disease – Some cancers Intra-abdominal fat this is the fat that coats our organs and causes the most concern. Even though we don’t yet fully understand what links intra-abdominal fat with chronic disease, we do know that even a small deposit of this fat increases the risk of serious health problems.

5 The Aims of ‘Swap It’ To educate Australians on the reasons ‘why’ they need to modify/change their lifestyle – because of the impact an unhealthy lifestyle can have; such as the development of chronic diseases (such as heart disease, diabetes and some cancers). Poor lifestyle risk factors, such as poor nutrition and physical inactivity are the main focus. Specifically, it aims to reduce the prevalence of lifestyle risk factors for some chronic diseases, limit the incidence and the impact of these diseases and reduce morbidity and mortality rates

6 Target Audience Primary target audience: 25-50 year old parents – this is because parents’ behaviour is likely to have an impact on their children’s lifestyle behaviours. Parents also tend to be interested in their long-term health and want to see their children grow up. Secondary target audience: 45-60 year old adults – as many people in this group are likely to either have been diagnosed with a chronic disease or are experiencing the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle. They often display a range of risk factors for these chronic diseases.

7 Do you Measure Up? 1.Get a tape measure 2.Measure directly against your skin 3.Breathe out normally 4.Make sure the tape is snug, without compressing the skin 5.Take your measurement roughly in line with your belly button

8 How do you measure up? You are at risk: Men: more than 94 centimetres (37 inches) Women: more than 80 centimetres (31.5 inches) You are at greatly increased risk: Men: more than 103 centimetres (40.2 inches) Women: more than 89 centimetres (34.6 inches)

9 Potential health benefits Reduce the incidence and prevalence of chronic diseases such as obesity, arthritis, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes in Australia. Reduce the cost of disease – direct, indirect and intangible (list 2 for each type of cost). Reduce mortality rates from chronic diseases. Reduce the impact of chronic diseases on the overall burden of disease in Australia.

10 STRATEGIES Advertising campaign Swap It, Don’t Stop It website A 12 week program An iPhone app

11 Advertising Advertisements have been in many forms including: – Television – Radio – Magazines – Billboards – Online Also include Indigenous Australians through a separate campaign that is culturally sensitive.

12 Radio Commercials 1.mp3 2.mp3

13 TV Advertisements TV commercial

14 Billboards

15 Magazine advertisements

16 Indigenous Australians

17 WEBSITE Provides lots of resources and information for those wanting to lose weight and improve their health. Provides education on why we should be ‘swapping’ and the links between excess abdominal fat, physical inactivity and chronic disease. Provides hundreds of ‘ways to swap’. Provides information in a range of languages, cultures which can all be downloaded.

18 Ways to Swap

19 How to ‘Swap’- Nutrition

20 How to ‘Swap’- Physical Activity

21 Activity Locater

22 12 week planner Provides a template that assists users to eat healthy and participate in physical activity Provides tips, weekly shopping list, healthy checklists and goal setting.





27 iPhone App Assist individuals to choose from a range of food and physical activity swaps. Can set reminders for swaps. Can record swaps made throughout the day Has an activity planner that identifies activities in the local area

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