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Master Series - II Cosmic Reflectivity Summary Introduction to material / spiritual circuits functioning under The Mercy Ministry (41 Slides) Norman Christopher.

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1 Master Series - II Cosmic Reflectivity Summary Introduction to material / spiritual circuits functioning under The Mercy Ministry (41 Slides) Norman Christopher Valleĵo Copyright © 2013

2 You are going to find that there is a correlation between the material and the spiritual. A balance. Master Series - II

3 Basically Master Series - II

4 Cosmic Reflectivity is the main mechanism for reflecting karma and is reliant upon the basics of: “As you sow, so you shall reap” and “It is more blessed to give than to receive” Master Series - II Like much in the world of learning, its workings can be seen to be simple but after analysing the relationship between material and spiritual credits/deficits, it has a very intricate and hidden order and operation.

5 It is therefore help and dispatched via The Mercy Ministry but it cannot do the impossible nor will it sanction negative behaviour. Master Series - II Load Universal Help Self Help Cosmic Reflectivity belongs here Remember this guy is what you are supposed to be doing as a vigilant and progressive person with a plan, developing your skills both spiritual and material as you like.

6 Master Series - II

7 It will be up to you to experiment and work out for yourself what happens in your life as a result of releasing the material. Master Series - II The following is a guide:

8 Your own energy work and vigilance will help you determine what effect other charities have. Master Series - II AssociationEffect MS, Nervous system disordersCosmic mind / unity, Positive outcome Blind, Impaired visionHigher vision, Clairvoyance RescueRescue, Universe order HeartRelational, Money Spastic / Cerebral PalsyManifest thought into reality CancerAmbition, Desire Third World SupportMaterial security

9 Process is termed: Karmic Generation Master Series - II

10 Spiritualist picks a satisfactory material level i.e. House, Work, Comfort zone, then pegs it. Further effort then can only result in raising energy as the universe responds through Cosmic Reflectivity and field has no choice other than to raise vibratory rate.

11 Up until this stage, cyclic development is needed Master Series - II Energy level is: Life is “Transcendental!” Life is “Super!” Life is “Great!” Life is “Good” Life is “Crappy!”  ‘Escape velocity’ reached.  Now universe responds to personal will and intent.  Chakras regulated on command...earned.

12 The Mercy Ministry works firstly from ‘what you need’ i.e. necessity. Master Series - II That is the base-line reference for karma. Your current circumstance then involves all that you have including assets, savings, comfort zone, health, intellectual power…everything and yes, everything can be ‘traded’ or compensated with/for.

13 Because money and energy are linked in a circuit, the mechanics of that become complex and volatile. Master Series - II You can work it out though, and after a long period of time and study feel the effects of transaction and relation minute to minute. “Does that mean that whenever I give or receive, there is a corresponding energy transaction?” Yes.

14 Example 1: Buying fuel for a vehicle. Master Series - II Necessity Karma will increase and that energy will probably go straight to your first point of concern in your field, whatever level that may be. The next trick is to know that energy from the entire company at whatever point in the chain of people will be raising your consciousness to try and help with your problems or deficiencies.

15 So you may feel a hit of ‘executive’ energy every time you fill up. Master Series - II This process happens in all transactions with all peoples and is dependent upon all of the karmas involved, energies, intents, company integrity etc. Your whole life is being guided and those you are involved with are the best people to transact with for your current experience. For instance getting a kitchen renovation means transacting with tradespeople who you are led to, and vice versa. Each person has talents / karma which transfer through chakra circuits.

16 If someone fails to pay, then provided the best has been done to recover the money, the debt comes out of the perpetrator’s hide so to speak. Master Series - II Their energy decreases and the universe eventually compensates at some point. This is how the criminal ‘descends’. This is also how humans experience, like being in a band and starting out, as AC/DC puts it: “ Gettin’ had, gettin’ took, I tell ya folks its harder than it looks, it’s a long way to the top if you want to rock ‘n’ roll. ”

17 We either pay our dues by:  The long process of normal interaction  or losing to the wicked  or paying out in giving Master Series - II As your field raises, you will become a clearer and clearer channel and attract business because your field will transmute energy faster and with more intensity. i.e. transacting with a spiritual person is trouble free and raises energy.

18 The opposite occurs for low energy souls. There will be a load experienced in transaction. Master Series - II Bear in mind though that some people may also have burdens that they are just not aware of and so you may sense good people being hammered by circumstance. The more you charge for your services, the more you can expect to take on the load of people but also as you keep raising karma, you will feel that load less. The increase that other people feel when transacting with you will depend upon what they are paying you relative to their circumstance and is taken care of by spiritual ministry.

19 So transactions then are much more complicated than one would originally suspect from a simple law. Master Series - II That is why it takes a long time and experience to work out the dynamics of transaction and where loads reside.

20 Example 2: Potential Loading Master Series - II When you experience a load or lift in a transaction will be an indication of your energy level. This may only occur before, during or after a contract. The timing of the transaction complicates matters but for this example we will assume it is after completion.

21 1. Person conducts work or contract, is then paid, then experiences load or lift depending upon associated karma. Master Series - II This occurs for the average citizen in a work environment. ContractLoad or Lift Transaction

22 2. Person conducts work or contract and experiences load or lift depending upon associated karma, is then paid. Master Series - II This occurs for the spiritual novice gaining experience. Contract Load or Lift Transaction

23 Load or LiftContract 3. Person experiences load or lift depending upon associated karma, conducts work or contract, is then paid. Master Series - II This occurs for the advanced spiritualist. Transaction

24 Load or LiftContract Spiritualist is advancing karma and so to client is afforded advanced karma as well. Master Series - II Energy is going out ahead of time to preempt circumstance. Transaction

25 This begins to breed complications in the event the contract is terminated etc. Master Series - II Energy/karma is always balanced somewhere along the time-line though. From this then, we see Potential Loading coming into effect. Contract

26 Spiritualist must limit potential contracts else energy is depleted into future circumstance. Master Series - II

27 Example 3: Business Loading Master Series - II The ability to generate an increasing circumstance can be parasited upon by those not generating it. This is common in the business environment where a person has no choice but to pay out or push taxation and business loadings. The spirit will not sanction impeccability then predation.

28 Universe will not increase and field cannot clear as energy is parasited upon Reflectivity will indicate: “You are allowing parasitism and so to you will be parasited upon” Master Series - II Load Universal Help Self Help Karmic Generation builds business circumstance or attracts work and good contracts Business plan employs best methods, impeccability and high efficiencies. Now taxation and extraneous benefits feed off spiritual effort. Energy will decrease.

29 Business has become a ‘tax donkey’. Master Series - II The Mercy Ministry will not sanction release of monies to less than impeccable cause and so unless the government is operating at peak efficiency, taxation and ever increasing worker benefits will be a load. Considering most governments world-wide only operate at about 6% to 15% operational efficiency, transaction is a load and therefore karma ensues. Ruthless directive is to close business and reduce circumstance to that which allows karmic generation to take effect.

30 Circumstance will lift in a short period of time afterward. Master Series - II A business owner in ill-health with high debt can turn that around by reduction in one to two years. It is surprising how well a person earning only $75,000 per year sitting under taxation caps and loadings can somehow be in a better circumstance both physically and spiritually than a person earning $250,000 per year or more. The whole universe rearranges and the person’s ‘perfect order’ (throat karma) allows the procession of all aspects of life without impediment.

31 Listen to your heart. Master Series - II

32 If you work out every aspect of this relationship, you will master how to increase your energy without bound. Master Series - II What invariably happens is that as soon as you release, something moves in to absorb the karma you have generated and therefore the art becomes one of finding where that has happened and how fast you can realise that, and then stop it. You will know when you have succeeded because your chakras will open and not close. That is when you really begin to take off.

33 Even the best energetic circumstance you can think of in your life relates to only a fraction of what can be achieved by energetic enhancement. Master Series - II What you think was ‘a great time!’ was probably only your Root chakra being opened to some degree. Karmic Generation eventually opens all chakras and when vigilant of loads and parasites, they remain so and you are therefore ruling from a circumstance that no person has a chance of understanding without experiencing that.

34  Keep balanced. Start by addressing all chakras, everybody is usually deficient in one area more than another.  Often problems are not what you think, or are being affected by a different area. For instance headaches are normally associated with the Brow chakra however Throat blockages can cause them as well.  Regulate your giving efforts yourself. Some charities become bothersome. Use a solicitor/general conveyance if dealing with large monies and remaining anonymous is another help for some people in particular positions. Be careful of ‘dodgy’ charity. Master Series - II Other things to keep in mind:

35  Your children are connected to you by chakra cords and so you will become their God. Make them earn their energy and learn what is being depleted in the family. “Do the dishes! Clean that room! Wash the car!”  All relationships allow transference of energy/karma through chakra cords.  Large promotions or contracts amount to large material benefits so be careful of pulling more than you deserve. If that happens, it will be a load and you will have to keep burning out karma until you equalise it.  At some point after experimenting you may have big realisations which cause you to reconsider your entire life circumstance. Master Series - II

36 General rule of thumb: “If you give somebody money, you get their energy” Master Series - II In a trade though, there is money for service. Let the spirit work out ‘the change’.

37 Now, if you can eventually do this… Master Series - II

38 Then you don’t need this!

39 Why? Master Series - II Get there and find out.

40 And you thought it was all about dropping a dollar coin into a hat... Master Series - II

41 Norman Christopher Valleĵo Independent researcher and analyst

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