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Doing it Smarter.

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1 @minds_at_work Doing it Smarter

2 @minds_at_work making a difference amazingness surviving till friday

3 @minds_at_work time amazingness we are we could vision today one day normal incredible What is beyond our wildest dreams? What would we be proud of? What do we want future historians to say of us?

4 @minds_at_work time amazingness we are we could vision today one day normal incredible VoiceSafetyHealthy EquityCommunity EngagementSustainability World Peace

5 @minds_at_work time amazingness we should ? we are

6 @minds_at_work time amazingness we are we could we should x you are here Do it Smarter

7 @minds_at_work think

8 @minds_at_work think reputation funding

9 @minds_at_work assumption habit FEAR familiarity control fetish convenience tradition authority bureaucracy think

10 @minds_at_work what we are

11 @minds_at_work

12 @minds_at_work

13 @minds_at_work

14 @minds_at_work NO! getting past

15 @minds_at_work NO! now‘s not a good time this is not the right place it‘s been done it‘s never been done not the way we do it around here it‘s not in the budget it‘s not in the charter the hierarchy won’t go for it the market won’t go for it it‘s complicated it‘s political it‘s historical it‘s not our problem it‘s not our job it‘s not gonna happen

16 @minds_at_work “it‘s always been like this” means the problem is much older than you think “it‘s the same everywhere” means the problem is much wider than you think

17 @minds_at_work “it’s not in the budget” means we spent the money on the wrong things “it‘s not in the big plan” means people in the past didn’t think as big as you

18 @minds_at_work “it‘s traditional” means I don’t know why we do it like this

19 @minds_at_work it’s not the way we’re: structuredfundedregulatedtrainedrewardedmeasuredtreated *

20 @minds_at_work HERE LIES ME


22 @minds_at_work www.mindsatwork.c I KEPT MY HEAD DOWN AND ASKED NO QUESTIONS

23 @minds_at_work www.mindsatwork.c I PRESERVED THE STATUS QUO

24 @minds_at_work www.mindsatwork.c I covered my arse and retired with a nice little package

25 @minds_at_work www.mindsatwork.c I ACTUALLY MADE A DIFFERENCE

26 @minds_at_work Doing it Smarter

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