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What does it mean to be Green – the Desktop Issues Connect to be Green Marc Diffen.

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1 What does it mean to be Green – the Desktop Issues Connect to be Green Marc Diffen

2 Biggest Issue at the Desktop The User.

3 Will they change? Who is here today? No Users They need your help How is the relationship?

4 The Information Creators They are struggling too. Paper Electronic The Relationship

5 The Scenario Extracts from financial system are generated as excel spreadsheets and individual word documents These extracts are used to determine the quantity of cash required for today’s operations Once generated and checked, the documents are reviewed and the cash amount to be made available is identified and approved Instructions are sent to bank which releases cash into cash account. Actual cash movement (from investment to cash account) is recorded in financial system and bank statements.

6 Notes Each day’s extracts cannot be generated again because their contents are affected by the payment of bills, income received etc during the day. However, each day’s documents are superceded by the activity of the day itself and thus are essentially meaningless on the subsequent, except for the actual value of the cash moved The actual value of the cash moved is recorded on these documents but is also recorded within the financial system itself. If any ‘ inappropriate’ decision is made on any one day, it can be corrected the next day The fall out / consequence of an ‘inappropriate’ decision is very minor, given the highly transitory nature of the decision itself The documents have never been requested in an Audit Experience of the people doing the job is that reference is only made back a week, or in extreme cases, 1 month Current work practice is to delete the electronic information at the end of the second month (leaving 1 month + the current month’s growing collection) The quantity of documents generated and held electronically, is 10 documents per day.

7 Who wants what? Records Information Creators

8 How might we address it? Records –Identify retention and disposal –Add to EDRMS –Identify appropriate classification –Create new folder/file structure Information Creators –Huh? –Huh? Can’t we use the structure we already have?

9 How might you connect? Don’t get perfect, just take the first step in the right direction (rather than plan to keep for 7 years start with 2 months like they do already). Meet them where they are at. Help information flow. Use your knowledge to simplify and educate. They think you guys just want to make it harder to get things done and waste their time. Don’t try and educate them on the end result, only the next step. Never say first up: retention and disposal, the spreadsheet is a record, EDRMS, business classification scheme, ephemeral. Don’t try and fix up every business process all at once. Maturity is developed not instantaneous.

10 Connecting the wants They want the right information Deleting is scary They are all worried that they won’t be able to find it again They don’t really want paper You have the knowledge of how to help them to have access to the latest version. You have the knowledge to alleviate their fears. You have the knowledge to make information easy to find. You can give them the confidence to only print if absolutely necessary.

11 But… The want (and need) black and white guidelines – yet the area has so many shades of grey to you (like Eskimos and snow)

12 Can users make it? The Diffen 4S for changing user practices during technology or process change –Selling Communicate the change in a way that makes positive sense to users (at all levels). –Skilling Develop the right skills (technical skills as well as knowledge and understanding). –Software The software must be featured/configured/implemented in a way that supports the user habits you want (focus on the required work practices, not the features). –Stick Reinforcing strategies (push or constraints) must be in place that make it difficult (or impossible) to work in the old way. These strategies must match the new habits you are wanting to develop.

13 Connecting Perspectives… …can bring greening to the desktop

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