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Falls of the Ohio The original Louisville challenge to greatness.

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2 Falls of the Ohio The original Louisville challenge to greatness.

3 Now is the time to accept a new challenge
The campaign for long term funding for the arts and culture in Greater Louisville

4 Our Vision: Challenge to Greatness
Greater Louisville changes the world through creativity, imagination and innovation woven into every aspect of our community.

5 Our Mission: Challenge to Greatness
Establish a solid financial foundation for arts and culture in our community.

6 Call to Action You take the pledge: “I am challenged to greatness.”

7 Our challenge: Integrate arts and culture into the overall planning and development of the region and its infrastructure. Expand the breadth and depth of the art and cultural offerings. Ensure not only the future viability of arts and culture, but the social, spiritual and economic vitality of the region.

8 Our challenge: Combine economic development efforts with arts and cultural educational institutions to create an educated and creative workforce. Strengthen the touchstones of creativity, art, science, culture and education for the future of our children and our grandchildren.

9 Accept the challenge, and our rewards will be great:
Creativity on a massive scale Regional prosperity The cultural hub of the region Creative workers, innovative businesses and lots of visitors Expanded economic development

10 Accept the challenge, and our rewards will be great:
New expressions of creativity Jobs Enlivened community and enhanced charm Holistic learning environment Creative kids who problem solve creatively Joy, life and excitement in every part of the community

11 The facts tell the story:
High school students test scores increase in direct relationship to cultural experience. Nearly 8 million people visit cultural attractions annually. Over 15,000 jobs are already supported by the cultural community. Cultural tourists spend 45% more time in town than other tourists.

12 It is time for each of us:
Each person, each cultural organization, each business—take the pledge: “I am challenged to greatness” Help move Greater Louisville to a future made brighter by the fully realized potential of its rich cultural heritage.

13 Start today. Take the pledge and meet the Challenge to Greatness!

14 Greater Louisvillians,
Greater Louisville institutions, Greater Louisville businesses This is a start of a long list of those that had/have accepted and embrace/embraced a Challenge to Greatness and have impacted/are impacting the world

15 People Pee Wee Reese Wendy Whelan Diane Sawyer David Jones
Meriwether Lewis D.W. Griffith Daryl Griffith Paul Hornung Hunter Thompson My Morning Jacket

16 People Victor Mature Zachary Taylor John James Audubon
John Patrick (Groggan) Mary Travers Pat Day Marion Sunshine Marjorie Weaver John Martin Marsha Norman Isaac Murphy

17 People Matt Winn Thomas A. Edison Jim Porter Mary T. Meagher
Henry Vogt Fontaine Talbot Fox Helen Humes Jonah Jones Annie Fellows Johnston Jon Jory

18 People Dian Fossey Muhammed Ali Wendell Cherry Justice Brandeis
John Banward Dr. Burt Monroe Leo Burmeister Pee Wee King (Julius F. A. Kuczynski) Ed Hamilton Fuzzy Zoeller Kutz & Kleinert Etta James Thomas Merton

19 People Lionel Hampton Lee Luvisi Thomas Alva Edison Hobart Henley
Colonel Sanders Ned Beatty Tom Cruise Dr. Robert Smith Dr. Susanne Ildstad Leon Bibb Dr. Wiliam DeVries

20 People Frederick Law Olmstead
The Hill Sisters (Mildred, Patty, and Jessie) Mary Anderson Irvin S. Cobb Enid Yandell Foster Brooks Tod Browning Mary Ann Currier Tori Murden McClure Wendell Berry Sam Gilliam

21 People Dr. William Henry Shepherd Irene Dunne Henry Watterson Hull
Robert Worth Bingham Bob Thompson Buck and Bubbles (Ford Washington and John Sublett) Marlene Grissom

22 Businesses Humana Churchill Downs Louisville Slugger Brown-Forman
Jarvik 7

23 Institutions The Falls of the Ohio Actors Theater of Louisville
School for the Blind Louisville Zoo Actors Theatre of Louisville The Speed Art Museum The Portland Museum The Louisville Ballet The Louisville Orchestra

24 Take the pledge and meet the Challenge to Greatness!
Start today. Take the pledge and meet the Challenge to Greatness! “Culture is the measure of a civilization.” — W.E.B. DuBois

25 A challenge to greatness.

26 A challenge to greatness. Will YOU take the pledge?

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