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1 Today’s presentation! DOcSdg

2 Collaborative Research – impacts of the TEC research project context choices challenges culture

3 Context - three core agencies: Environmental Regulatory Agencies (ERAs) Customs/Port Authorities (CPAs) Police Agencies (PAs) Key Points - the 3 core agencies: Operate within and across very different areas of a ‘regulatory and enforcement spectrum’ Have developed enforcement culture/practices which reflect their sphere of operations Have key (lead and support) roles in combating Transnational Environmental Crime

4 Choices - three main responses: Administrative Civil Criminal Key Points - the 3 main types of responses: Have clear utility singularly and in combination No one solution (or combination) suits all circumstances The application of LER is highly nuanced

5 Challenges – definitions and roles Who & What Where & When Why & How Key Points – in terms of challenges: Definitional issues influencing involvement in and priority afforded Transnational Environmental Crime (including identification and acceptance of role and responsibilities) Interoperability between lead, partner and supporting agencies (and others NGOs/CSOs) Acceptance and accommodation of cultural differences in combating Transnational Environmental Crime

6 Culture – operational and policy Capacity Capability Culture Key Points – Cultural aspects are heavily informed by those issues raised in Context: Do agencies have the capacity to respond with the full suite of law enforcement responses Do agencies have the requisite capability (skills, knowledge, experience, resources and mandate) to respond effectively Is there cultural alignment between policy (intent) and operational (activity)

7 Collaborative Research Key observations and experiences – Collaborative Research: Genuinely creates a level of interest and support Surprised at the level of sharing of research (at various stages) by academics For an issue like Transnational Environmental Crime it has significant advantages You learn that academics and public servants don't live on different planets and they don’t speak different languages (well maybe just different dialects). Along the way it has informed and shaped various departmental activities and Australian Government inputs at regional and international events It broadens the perspective – and its all about perspective!

8 Thank you for your attention

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