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“Managing Unsatisfactory Performance & Behaviour– an IR viewpoint" TTMIB Phase 2.

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1 “Managing Unsatisfactory Performance & Behaviour– an IR viewpoint" TTMIB Phase 2

2 Personal Experiences?? -Unhappy with a worker (& talked to them?) -Counseled a worker? -Warned an employee?

3 Common management ‘views’ “Dave’s an iron lunger” “The apprentice just can’t cut it” “The receptionist is always late” “I just can’t work with him” “She can’t get on with anyone in the office”

4 Management Focus -Specific? -Measurable? -Based on observable behaviour? -Consistent with past? Records? ** Challenge - Separate fact from fiction **

5 2 Case Studies

6 You run an upmarket landscaping business that designs and installs domestic gardens, and most clients use your ongoing maintenance service. Whilst at home on Saturday night, the TV news features a domestic siege where a man has allegedly poured petrol over his girlfriend & her children & threatened to blow up the house. You notice one of your work vehicles parked outside the house and recognise the `man’ as a maintenance supervisor who has worked for you for several years. Case 1 – Key Issues

7 Case 1 (cont/d) The supervisor has a `checkered past’ including: (i)A reputation at work as a recreational drug user, and: (ii)you had witnessed him being violent at a recent work Xmas party. When he arrives at work on Monday you ask him if he did much over the weekend. He responds: ‘Pretty quiet Boss - where's today’s job schedule?"

8 Case 1 (cont/d) Actions: (a)What are the relevant issues? (b)Are there irrelevant issues?

9 Case 2 - Investigations You work as a RoadTek depot manager. On Thursday morning, Crystal the AO3 office administrator rings you to complain about Susie, an AO2 receptionist who works under her. Crystal is frustrated because Susie is “always taking time off” and has been absent at least “15 times in the past six months’.

10 Case 2 (cont/d) You are surprised when Crystal tells you that she normally receives a text message from Susie or her boyfriend advising her of an absence. Crystal is frankly “sick of having to answer the phone and do Susie’s job, in addition to her own!” She begins to cry & states “if she’s not sorted out today, I’m out of here!”.

11 Case 2 cont/d Actions: (a)Decide who you’ll interview (b)What issues/questions will you ask? (c)What background documentation would be helpful?

12 Questions & Comments???

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