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Zeren Group (Grades 4, 5 and 6) Teacher: Ahmed Hakim Teacher Aid: Abdullah Arjmand.

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1 Zeren Group (Grades 4, 5 and 6) Teacher: Ahmed Hakim Teacher Aid: Abdullah Arjmand

2 T OPICS 2013 Islamic Practice Wudhu Du’a Salah Etiquettes Akhlaq Keeping promises Judging others Bullying Being good neighbors How to deal with others Use of Companions and animations Allah (swt) Knowing Allah through his 99 names Tawheed Du’a Connection Love & Mercy Fiqh Tahara Najasaat Ghusl Wudhu Salah Fasting Hajj Prophet Muhammad Akhlaq The Message His Life Receiving the Revelation His struggles Personalities Prophets Imams Women Companions Interfaith Dialogue Approach Freedom of Speech Tolerance Unity Dialogue Treatment


4 2013 T HEME – P RODUCTIVE M USLIM ! With our theme of being a “Productive Muslim”, we will strive to aid the Zerens to produce works that benefit the Ummah. Reaching out to the wider community via multimedia has become one of the strongest tools in spreading a message. Empowering the students with these tools will not only allow the Islamic Message to spread, but also encourage the kids to practice what they preach. CartoonsKinetic Typography Interactive Presentations Some Workshops We Will Carry Out

5 T ERM 1 M ISSION Continue with Asma Allah Most students have reached 50 names milestone. We will look at the deeper meaning of each name and its application in our life. Project: Students will produce a cartoon explaining an attribute (eg. Mercy) in a practical application. Life of Prophet Students now have an understanding of the Prophet’s life pre-revelation. This term will focus on looking deeper into post revelation and the trials and tribulations the Ummah faced. Project: Students will create a Kinetic Typography Poetry on what the Prophet has taught them and why he is our role model

6 T ERM 2 M ISSION Wudhu / Salah / Dua The Importance and Power of Dua will be explained as well as the jurisprudential elements – What is wajib and mustahab? Project: An interactive presentation will be required from students using “Prezi” explaining the spiritual and jurisprudential elements of either wudhu, salah, or dua Akhlaq Although this will be covered through out the whole year, Term 2 will especially focus on Akhlaq – using the stories of the companions as a template. Project: Students will be asked to make a poster of one of the companions and a story from their life reflecting their Akhlaq

7 T ERM 3 M ISSION Fiqh / Jurisprudence Aside from Term one’s focus on Salah and Wudhu – this term we will be talking about taharah-najasah and halal -haram. Segregated classes may take place, focusing on specific issues per gender. Project: Photography collages will be done with respect to halal-haram food. This will help raise awareness of what we are really eating with respect to the fiqh as well as our health. Ramadhan The Holy Month of Ramadhan will be used to develop an understanding of why we fast, merits of fasting, levels of fasting, and reform of the self. Project: Choice of any previously covered workshop (cartoon/poetry/presentation/ poster/photography collage) on what is Ramadhan and what they have achieved this Ramadhan.

8 T ERM 4 M ISSION Hajj The Holy Pilgrimage will be discussed at length in relation to its importance, spirituality and its jurisprudential issues. Project: Virtual Hajj will be exercised by the whole school. Students will get to experience the Hajj simulation first hand. Interfaith Dialogue The approach and rights of our brothers in faith, and equals in humanity will be discussed. How we should treat our fellow Muslims, fellow brothers in monotheism, and atheists. What does Quran teach us, and what do the Prophets/Imams say? Project: Students will take part in a Video challenge between each other to produce a video in how they perceive Islam's approach to dealing with others.

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