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Chronic Care Training Needs Assessment (CC-TNA) Initiative Presented by:

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1 Chronic Care Training Needs Assessment (CC-TNA) Initiative Presented by:

2 INTRODUCTION A key priority for health and community care services is improving care for clients with chronic and complex needs An essential element of this is the delivery of self- management support There is a particular set of skills and knowledge required to support clients to actively engage in their health care Developing and maintaining these staff skills is a quality improvement priority

3 Chronic Care Training Needs Assessment (CC- TNA) Tool A standardised training needs assessment process for use by PCPs across Victoria Developed by the Inner East Primary Care Partnership in collaboration with Deakin University’s Public Health Innovation Unit Funded by the Victorian Department of Health BACKGROUND

4 To provide a mechanism for health providers and organisations to identify practice strengths and opportunities for professional development. OBJECTIVE OF THE STANDARDISED CC-TNA PROCESS

5 THE CC-TNA TOOL Provides data about: areas of training recently undertaken by health providers areas in which health providers would like to improve their knowledge and skills core competencies in which health providers feel confident and competent areas in which health providers might benefit from professional development post-training outcomes for health providers

6 THE CC-TNA TOOL Simple and quick to complete Effectively measures competencies for the provision of chronic care Includes sufficient items to cover key core competencies Contains items that are easy to read, interpret and understand

7 WHAT IS INVOLVED? Clinicians complete an on-line survey (takes about 15 mins) De-identified data across organisations is analysed [by whom?] to identify common training needs within the area A report about the findings and future training recommendations is prepared [by whom?] and distributed to participating organisations

8 PRIVACY Only de-identified survey data will be presented to organisations, or in reports or presentations In a case where only a few clinicians participate, identifying information such as clinical discipline is also removed before returning data to an organisation

9 Clinicians – can identify personal training needs Organisations – can identify team training needs Regions – can identify common training needs across organisations to inform regional or sub- regional workforce development planning POTENTIAL USES FOR THE CC-TNA DATA

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