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Electronic Care Coordination Update 8 August 2012.

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1 Electronic Care Coordination Update 8 August 2012

2 Other ECC projects SE Healthy Partnerships – HACC clients, main focus on ASM, heavy focus on using basic s2s NorthEast PCP – focus on mental health agencies (PDRSS) and mainly network building Gippsland PCPs – main focus on using GP e- referral interface

3 Features of IEPCP project Focus on only the most complex clients Use on an ongoing basis i.e. a living document and fully developing the review process Developing on-line case conferences Full involvement of RDNS Deliverable a brief IEPCP/EMR manual rather than setting up MOUs for each cluster Developing intra-agency application as well as inter-agency application Mental health next sector – after aged care

4 ECC Initiative Governance Pilot Project – Project Control Group – Working Party (same membership as PCG) Implementation/sustainability phase – PCG continues but with additional members SCAG – Overall control Brief Manual – Incorporates methodology, QA and governance

5 Project structure Inter-agency projectIntra-agency project Pilot Project – next 2-3 months  RDNS  Whitehorse City Council  Whitehorse CHS  Villa Maria  Manningham CHS [Eastern Palliative Care] Manningham CHS Implementation/ sustainability Phase - from end of pilot until 30 June 2013 The agencies listed above plus any other agencies that are interested – a gradual broadening of the application  Any other CHS  Any other agency that sees an intra- agency application

6 Inter-agency Pilot Project - progress Working party has met once and agreed on basic principles e.g. Selection of key worker, selection of clients, case conference methodology Will meet on 16 August to test out and finalise draft protocols – three hour computer room session at City of Whitehorse developing cases based on actual clients Note RDNS has created a special service – RDNS Electronic Care Coordination

7 Pilot Project – progress (cont.) The second session will also be a three hour session in a computer room setting but a number of real clients will be processed The third session is designed to ensure that the PPPS derived in the previous two sessions will work on real clients, in real time with agencies working independently from their own locations

8 Issues arising Issues with the module are being passed on to Infoxchange and the PCG of the 2011-12 ECC Statewide trials. Most important include: Fine-tuning required to make on-line case conferences work efficiently A different range of outcome options as no option at present for attainment or abandonment of goals Need for defunct care plan summaries to be archived

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