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© 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated Big BIM for contractors Paul King Construction Solutions Manager.

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1 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated Big BIM for contractors Paul King Construction Solutions Manager

2 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 2 | Today's challenges for the industry Complex projects Tighter budgets and deadlines Internal and external collaboration Information overload Project risks.

3 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 3 | What do contractors want? Figure out what to build Optimise how to build Know who needs what, when and in what format Understand what got built Automate IT mobilisation Get details to site quickly and accurately Constructability and optioneering Comment, design review, costing, etc Payment claims and as-built information and data Minimise up-front time and money

4 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 4 | Expectation Time Technology trigger Slope of enlightenment Trough of disillusionment Peak of inflated expectations Plateau of productivity Gartner hype cycle Managing the BIM hype

5 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 5 | 2D drawings and bits of paper Poor quality management 2D no is match for 4D, 5D, xD Poor decision-making support Very contractual Waste can be around 30%. What we usually do... Design Visualisations Material schedules Clash detection Coordination Design analysis Construction phasing Trade & work packages Coordination Buildability Optioneering Procure and Construct Operate and maintain Maintenance schedules Set up FM system Documents passed to operator Documents passed to building team 40% of design time is spent locating and validating information Entering information once and re- using it can reduce delivery time by up to 50% Poor communication between systems wastes 30% of costs

6 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 6 | 3D collaborative models 3D collaborative models BIM and IPD (whatever they mean..) Design Safe demolition Sustainability audits Knowledge management Hazardous material tracking Building cloning Etc, etc... Visualisations Material schedules Clash detection Life cycle analysis Coordination Design analysis 2D drawings Continued use of the model Models passed to building team Model data fed into other projects 3D collaborative models 3D collaborative models Construction phasing Trade & work packages Stage payments Coordination Buildability & access Health & safety 2D drawings Procure and Construct Operate and maintain Links to BMS Links to FM systems Links to product details Security systems Maintenance schedules Links to stock control Models passed to operator Models used by others as appropriate The process of generating and managing asset data during its life cycle

7 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 7 | The typical project Sydney Civil & infrastructure DGN Sydney Architecture RVT Perth Structural DWG Singapore Environmental PDF Brisbane Plant piping DGN London Electrical DWG Integrated and coordinated project Melbourne Mechanical DGN

8 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 8 | MechanicalStructure Architecture Electrical Furniture Combined model(s) A highly efficient way of working. Data granulated and structured Construction documentation from combinations of models Ownership remains with the originator Model file management with collaboration Federated models - federated industry The federated BIM model(s)

9 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 9 | The federated BIM model - architecture

10 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 10 | The federated BIM model - steel

11 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 11 | The federated BIM model - HVAC

12 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 12 | Interactive views

13 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 13 | ArchitectureStructuralMEP Big BIM or little BIM

14 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 14 | B uilding I nformation M odel R oad R ail U tilities B ridge W ater P ower C ommunications G IS... Big BIM or little BIM Big BIM or little BIM Asset lifecycle information modelling. MEP

15 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 15 | Industry obstacles to sharing McGraw-Hill

16 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 16 | So what do contractors need? Create, capture and use data from multiple sources Manage data from entire project (buildings & infrastructure) Ability to review and approve drawings and models Common data environment to ensure consistency Standard method and procedure Agreed roles and responsibilities All parties adhering to the methods, standards and systems.

17 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 17 | 1 year50+ years Operation ProcurementDisposal 3-5 years Expenditure on facility Time Detail designPlanningConcept Outline design Construction Handover BIM approach Best design/build approach with appropriate maintenance Typical approach, and failing to do routine maintenance and having to replace items earlier and more often Untapped savings Current industry focus on savings from BIM buildingSMART So what do owners need?

18 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 18 | What’s the answer..?

19 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 19 | Controlled distribution of e-paper collaboration Pre-construction.. and construction Coordination of engineering information management A project team collaboration and work sharing platform for the design and construction of infrastructure projects...

20 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 20 | Business systems Project collaboration Lifecycle coordination Managing information at a data level Managing business information Managing published information Pre-construction.. and construction

21 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 21 | Business systems Project collaboration Lifecycle coordination Model Files Data Schedules Financial Commercial Operational EDMS GIS BIM 3D CAD 2D CAD O&M Letters Submittals RFIs Review and acceptance Hosted service Tender control Project control Document control Renditions Pre-construction.. and construction

22 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 22 | 8D, 9D, 10D, etc How does Bentley support project teams? BIM (3D) Federated Information Models Geo suite Building suite Plant suite Civil suite Analysis tools Interference Manager Non-Bentley Bentley Navigator Virtual world Schedule Simulator Project programming tool Project schedule (4D) ProjectWise collaboration environment Integrated suite of Bentley tools Operations (7D) Sustainability (6D) Cost (5D) Revit Many more AutoCAD 3 rd party design and analysis FAB-MEP Managing information accurately, consistently and efficiently

23 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 23 | ProjectWise for contractors Arch MEP Elec. Struct. PDF Model Paper Design Construct Right content, right format for role and task Managed collaboration for technical content What do I build? What about buildability? What about clashes? What’s been built?

24 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 24 | Best practice for collaboration

25 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 25 | Best practice for collaboration Coordinate and collaborate Sharing content and monitoring performance Preserving data in its rich and natural state for the long term management of building assets Get the right content to the right audience in the right format at the right time Create Deliver Preserve Managed environment Quality control & assurance Rules for re-use Move content into data collaboration environment for reuse, distribution and storage

26 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 26 | Best practice: British Standard 1192 Method for developing, organising and managing construction documentation Disciplined collaborative approach using a managed procedure. 10% construction cost saving Supply chain profitability gains of 2-3%

27 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 27 | What do we need to do? The road to ‘big BIM’

28 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 28 | Progress Time New processes and systems tested for shorter periods Risk of failure is managed as part of the development process Large jumps in processes and technology use Slow and steady progress – keeping up with the market Traditional approach Fail-forward approach New developments tested for long periods - low risk of failure Quick and dynamic progress – leading the market Small frequent jumps made in work processes and technology use.. a bit It’s okay to fail

29 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 29 | 80% 0% Companies Average Degree of BIM implementation Average is okay.. for a while

30 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 30 | The road less travelled Secure finance and executive backingPilot project(s) – plan, execute and reviewPrepare deployment strategyEducation, training and supportDevelop BIM strategy The road to ‘big BIM’

31 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 31 | Processes and standards –Ensure project data can be shared –Global - industry - corporate - project People –Training strategy and training in the process – What’s in it for me? – How do I ‘do it’? Technology –The least important aspect! –It works, using standard hardware and software Implementation principles

32 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 32 | It’s usually a picnic..

33 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 33 | How does Bentley help contractors? Figure out what to build Optimise how to build Know who needs what, when and in what format Understand what got built Automate IT mobilisation Everyone confident that each person has the latest up-to-date information... all the time Managed system to facilitate constructability reviews and optioneering Closed loop redline markups Paper based markups if required ProjectWise publishes to project control systems As-built information and data captured and managed ProjectWise Online: get started immediately and leave server coordination to ‘the cloud’

34 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 34 | Working smarter takes vision, commitment, determination and effort... The road to ‘big BIM’ There are business benefits when you’re in a position of control Create a ‘big BIM’ solution that benefits the project and its participants Develop your road to BIM and don’t try to do it all at once. Arch

35 © 2011 Bentley Systems, Incorporated Big BIM for contractors Paul King Construction Solutions Manager

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