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4 May 2011 Metropolitan Transport Forum Clement Michel – Chief Operating Officer.

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1 4 May 2011 Metropolitan Transport Forum Clement Michel – Chief Operating Officer

2 Summary Network The Melbourne context Capacity Achievements New Trams

3 Our Network


5 The Melbourne Context

6 Trains 226.6 million Trams 176.5 million Buses 101.5 million Despite only operating in the inner suburbs, trams carry 35% of all Public Transport travellers. 2010 public transport patronage

7 Not good enough …

8 Ageing infrastructure …

9 Capacity - Overloading 2007:

10 Capacity - Overloading 2010:

11 Capacity - Overloading 2020:

12 Decline in average speed: timetable comparison 1950 to 2010 RouteDestinationTime19501960197019802010 19 City to North Coburg Weekday morning peak (from 8am) 32 minutes35 minutes 37 minutes39 minutes 96 Spencer Street to E. Brunswick Weekday morning peak (from 8am) 20 minutesN/A24 minutes27 minutes28 minutes 40% increase in travel time on route 96 – in its northern section only!

13 Insufficient tram priority international comparison of time spent a traffic signals Source: Keolis study

14 Tram Priority Why? Drivers for tram priority: 1.Journey Time Savings 2.Regularity / Punctuality 3.Total Economic Benefit

15 Our Achievements

16 Performance Results Dec 09 Jan 10 Feb 10 Mar 10 Apr 10 May 10 Jun 10 Jul 10 Aug 10 Sep 10 Oct 10 Nov 10 Dec 10 Jan 11 Feb 11 Mar 11 Apr 11 Service Delivery Punctuality Since the inception of the KDR franchise, Yarra Trams has exceeded the service delivery target of 98% and the punctuality performance target of 77%, for every single month. This has been achieved through a complete reorganisation of the maintenance and service delivery. However, we think the people of Melbourne deserve a more reliable service.

17 Think like a passenger – One year on Safety Safety Campaigns AO Response Unit

18 Think like a passenger – One year on Passenger Information New Maps

19 Infrastructure Track renewals and overhead works are inconvenient, but indispensable. Physical assets can only be economically maintained for up to to 30 years, After which capital replacement is the most cost effective and safest option.

20 St Kilda Road Re-design

21 Our vision From a “tram” to a “light rail” Safe & reliable Fully accessible Sustainable Fully segregated Full priority at signals Intermodal Intuitive & informative Comfortable & clean

22 Priority = Capacity Route 96 Analysis VicRoads trialling tram priority on Nicholson Street VicRoads modelling tram priority on Bourke Street

23 Priority Modelling Dynamic Priority for Trams A dynamic tram priority system in simulation that calls tram phases on-demand and utilises: Green time extension Minimum phases BenefitBase Dynamic Priority % Change Northbound tram travel time (s)396338 15% reduction Southbound tram travel time (s)403356 12% reduction Northbound tram travel speed (km/h)9.511.2 18% increase Southbound tram travel speed (km/h)8.810.0 14% increase Northbound intersection delay (s)233184 21% reduction Southbound intersection delay (s)381256 33% reduction Example: Swanston St

24 New Trams

25 E Class Bombardier trams

26 E Class

27 Tram Cascade Year Premium Route Tram Class Key CBD Streets 201296 C2 + E + Bourke Street / Spencer Street 2013109CCollins Street 201419DElizabeth Street 2017112ECollins Street

28 Some of our light rail operations Bordeaux, France

29 Merci mes amis!

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