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How to choose classes at Strathclyde Business School - Exchange Students’ Guide - Your top 10 Questions Answered!

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1 How to choose classes at Strathclyde Business School - Exchange Students’ Guide - Your top 10 Questions Answered!

2 1 - What classes can I choose? Students can choose classes amounting to up to max. 60 credits a semester or 120 credits for a year. This usually equates to 4 classes a semester 2 ‘Strathclyde’ credits are equal to 1 ECTS credit. You should choose at least 2 classes per semester from the business school, after this you are welcome to choose classes from other faculties or the business school

3 2 - Where can I get a list of classes? Please go to the online timetables and look at the classes on offer gtimetable2008-2009/#d.en.161811 The timetable is organised by Faculty and within each Faculty, it is organised by subject If you take a note of the class code, you can get further details by searching the class catalogue Please note all classes and times are subject to change

4 3 - Can you explain the timetable? UG or PG – This means undergraduate or postgraduate. As an exchange student you need to look for ‘UG’ Room locations – Room locations at the University of Strathclyde will appear in codes. The first letter indicates the building and the subsequent numbers indicate the room number Building Prefixes - C = Thomas Graham Building K = John Anderson F/G = Architecture Col = Colville Building Cur = Curran P = Graham Hills L = Livingstone tower HD = Henry Dyer McC = McCance Building R = Royal College S = Stenhouse M = James Weir SB = Strathclyde Institute for Biomedical Science (SIBS)

5 4 - What level should I take? Please take classes at level 1, 2 and 3 The level is indicative of the year group at Strathclyde – Level 1 classes will contain mainly first year students Level 4 classes are not open to exchange students Talk to your adviser at your home university regarding the requirements for your exchange – they may ask you may nee to take all level 3 courses If you do not have previous experience in a subject choose a level 1 or 2 class Level 3 classes will expect background knowledge in the subject

6 5 - What do the class codes mean? Class codes at Strathclyde are generally 5 digits long The first 2 digits (or letters) indicate the department e.g. MK205 is a Marketing class Accounting & Finance = AG or 40 Economics = EC or 31 Hospitality & Tourism Management = SH or 44 Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship = Z1 Management Science = MS or 48 Management = MG Marketing = MK or 66 Human Resource Management = 41 The third digit indicates the level e.g. MK205 is a third year or level 3 class, while 41104 is a first year class

7 6 - Can you advise me on classes? Talk to students who have previously studied at Strathclyde for further information If there is not enough information on the class catalogue, check the Department web site because some will have some detailed descriptions. If you are still unsure or cannot find the information you need, please contact the Exchanges Coordinator and email sbs- with ‘’Exchange Class Query’ in subject headingsbs-

8 7 - Where are the department websites? All Strathclyde Business School Departments are listed at – or go directly from below: Accounting & Finance – Economics – Human Resource Management - Management Science – Marketing - Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship - (Search for information for Current Undergraduate Students)

9 8 - How do I know if a class is offered in semester 1 or 2? In the timetable classes are listed as either ‘S1’, ‘S2’ or it may say ‘S1 and S2’ under ‘JA Weeks’ ‘S1’ only indicates the class is offered in semester 1 only ‘S2’ only indicates a semester 2 class If it has both ‘S1 and S2’ under a class this means the class is offered for a full year and therefore not suitable for a student on exchange for one semester

10 9 – Can I change my classes? All students are asked to complete a curriculum choice form before you come to Strathclyde to be included with your application This is a provisional list of your choices which maybe changed You can change classes in the first few weeks of the semester through our online portal ‘Pegasus’ You may wish to make changes if you find that the class covers what they have studied already or may indeed be at a more advanced level than you thought – it is best to make these changes early in the semester as possible to avoid disrupting your studies

11 10 – How many classes will I have each week? For most classes at Strathclyde you will have 2 one hour lectures a week and one tutorial every 2 weeks Lecture times are fixed, whereas students usually have a choice of tutorial times Usually you sign up for tutorials in the first lecture for the class Tutorial attendance is mandatory and you must attend all sessions

12 Still got questions? We hope that this presentation has made class selection easy for you If you still have any questions after reading the advice in this presentation please get in touch and email - We look forward to meeting you soon!

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