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Updating Researcher Profiles for ERA 2015 Andrew Heath & Mary-Anne Marrington.

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1 Updating Researcher Profiles for ERA 2015 Andrew Heath & Mary-Anne Marrington

2 Contents eSpace Overview ERA 2015 Non-traditional research outputs Role of UPOs Updating researcher profiles ResearcherID and other author identifiers Sharing research via eSpace Open Access and compliance

3 UQ eSpace is … UQ’s official publication database Single authoritative source for: ◦ the research outputs ◦ the research data of staff and students of The University of Queensland

4 How do records get into eSpace? eSpace repository ResearcherID Web of Science Scopus Publication data & citation counts Manual Data entry Claims, File uploads Publication data Publication data & citation counts UQ Staff Data (HR) Q-index, UQ Researchers, Business Objects, UQ data warehouse, etc. My UQ eSpace Altmetrics Harvested from external systems Social media activity Staff & UPOs

5 Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) Managed by the Australian Research Council (ARC) Assessed 2010 & 2012. Next assessment 2015. Eight expert review panels corresponding to discipline clusters. Assessment by discipline and institution. Measures: Research activity, quality and intensity Outputs on ARC Journal List; citation performance and peer review Results: Reputation Funding driver Key Documents:

6 ERA Rating Scale 5 - well above world standard 4 - above world standard 3 - world standard 2 - below world standard 1 - well below world standard NA - Not assessed due to low volume

7 ERA 2012 – Arts Full report available via Reportal: Research  ERA  2012  ERA 2012 Top 10 Outputs by Org Unit

8 UQ ERA 2015 Team Prof Al McEwan – Chair ERA Steering Committee Cluster Leaders: Tom O’Regan – Humanities and Creative Arts Cindy Gallois – Education and Human Society Matthew Hornsey - Education and Human Society Joseph Grotowski - Maths, Information and Communication Paul Bernhardt – Physical, Chemical and Earth Sciences Joe da Costa – Engineering and Environmental Sciences Mark Blows – Biological Sciences and Biotechnology Gregory Monteith – Health and Medical Sciences Andrew Cresswell – Health and Medical Sciences Victor Callan – Economics and Commerce

9 Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) 2015 Will include pubs within the reference period from all employed Staff on census date, regardless of byline Researchers less than 0.4 FTE ◦ If one publication has a demonstrable publication association then ALL research outputs in the reference period can be submitted (regardless of by- line) Casual, adjunct, etc ◦ Only publications that have a demonstrable association in the reference period can be submitted Includes non-traditional research outputs such as research reports and creative works Staff Census date: 31 March 2014 Publications reference period: 2008 - 2013

10 Non-traditional Research Outputs Must have been made publicly available 2008 – 2013 ◦ Original Creative Works ◦ Live Performance of Creative Works ◦ Recorded/Rendered Creative Works ◦ Curated or Produced Substantial Public Exhibition and Events ◦ Research Reports for an External Body See Submission Guidelines for more information

11 HASS 2-digit FORs for all ERA 2015 pubs 13 Education 14 Economics 15 Commerce, Management, Tourism and Services 16 Studies in Human Society 18 Law and Legal Studies 19 Studies in Creative Arts and Writing 20 Language, Communication and Culture 21 History and Archaeology 22 Philosophy and Religious Studies Submission includes all research outputs at 4-digit FOR level Assessment measure for all research outputs, including non- traditional research outputs = Peer-review

12 Single NTRO versus Portfolio Items that do not constitute a body of research as a single entity, e.g. a poem or short story, may be bundled together with related items to create a portfolio Portfolios must be able to demonstrate coherent research content Individual items must be related in a way so that the resulting portfolio constitutes research Portfolios may be submitted to ERA as a single research output eSpace list of ERA 2012 portfoliosERA 2012 portfolios

13 Peer-review & Research Statements 30% of each research type for each 4-digit FOR must be nominated for peer-review For single non-traditional research outputs to be peer-reviewed, an additional research statement that identifies the research content must be provided Portfolios to be peer-reviewd require a single research statement for the portfolio research content See Submission Guidelines for a sample research statement

14 ERA 2015 – Role of UPO to update researcher profiles Immediate action : ◦ Identify new staff employed on census date  Assist them to add their journal articles, books, book chapters, refereed conference papers and any other non-traditional research outputs to eSpace, 2008+  Upload publisher-permitted accepted manuscript or publisher versions of research outputs, 2008+ ◦ Ensure that existing staff update their profile in eSpace  Claim publications, 2008+  Add missing items, 2008+  Upload publisher-permitted accepted manuscript or publisher versions of research outputs, 2008+ ◦ Identify staff with existing ResearcherID accounts and ensure they are updated and linked to eSpace ◦ Ensure staff who do not have a ResearcherID account, and have good publication coverage in Web of Science, request set-up of an eSpace-linked RID account.request set-up ◦ Be familiar with the ERA submission guidelines for research outputsERA submission guidelines

15 Universal Author identifier ◦ Will become the universal unique global identifier, used by publishers at manuscript acceptance ◦ Disambiguates author names for accurate identification ◦ Can be linked to other identifiers, e.g. Scopus, ResearcherID or LinkedIn ◦ Discipline-agnostic so much greater coverage than other systems ◦ Can be recorded in eSpace ◦ eSpace will eventually be able to import publications from ORCID accounts ◦ Will make it much easier to populate a new institutional repository when researchers move between institutions

16 Other Author Identifiers in eSpace - PREFS

17 Author identifier badges on profile page

18 Badge link to Google Scholar publication list

19 Badge link to publication list in ResearcherID

20 Sharing research via eSpace Sharing research raises visibility and potential for increased citations Sharing research WoS and Scopus citation counts Downloads stats measure access to attached OA versions of articles Upload of data to Web of Science Incites to generate current Author Profile dataset Altmetrics recorded


22 Altmetrics score includes all social media activity at article level

23 Supporting Open Access Mandates and Policies For compliance with Australian open access mandates ◦ NHMRC Open Access Policy NHMRC Open Access Policy ◦ ARC Open Access Policy ARC Open Access Policy For compliance with the UQ Open Access for UQ Research Outputs PolicyUQ Open Access for UQ Research Outputs Policy

24 eSpace Open Access Compliance Tools Enable appropriate OA versions to be identified or uploaded for compliance ◦ Link to Sherpa Romeo on deposit form and file upload page Link to Sherpa Romeo ◦ Select file type at upload Select file type ◦ Can set embargoes if required ◦ Visual compliance display on records from July 2012 Visual compliance display ◦ Will include OA identifier with embargo tag on DOIs & OA files ◦ Search for OA via DOI or attached files (currently being implemented) ◦ Business Objects reports will enable OA reporting


26 Other projects/tools Scopus Custom Dataset ◦ Benchmarking ◦ Visualisations Incites Author Profile Dataset ◦ Upload of clean author data from eSpace to Incites for accurate identification of current UQ author Web of Science publications UQ Tiered Journal List integration ◦ Will enable points to accrue in Q-index for journals on the list ERA 2015 ◦ 2015 Journal/Conference lists integration ◦ Publisher authority list integration Q-index ◦ Non-traditional research outputs to be included in publication points score

27 Who to contact eSpace: ◦ Andrew Heath, Manager ◦ Mary-Anne Marrington, Librarian

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